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Nostradamus; The downfall of Priest
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[Return_of_Darth_Painkiller_0870] Wednesday, June 25, 2008 5:32:09 AM 
I have to agree with the others: you're nuts.

The current tour is not the full-blown Nostradamus CD.  I think it's a couple of songs, a few standards, and a few songs they don't normally play or haven't played in years.  After this tour, my understanding is they'll do a full on Nostradamus tour after this one.

Now, let's breakdown your complaints:

1. It's not something anyone here is able to control, and I don't think it's cool that Priest isn't hitting more cities.  But I'm certain the band has their reasons.

2. If you think it's disappointing, then you're entitled to your opinion.

3. I already touched on this earlier.

4. As someone else already posted (and this is a known fact), that Nostradamus was presented as a possible idea for the concept album Judas Priest wanted to make, and they ran with it.  It wasn't forced on them.  Where the hell did you get that idea from?  Do yourself and everyone else here a favor and read the threads before posting b.s..

5. How is this disaster?  The band stated from the BEGINNING this was not going to be a typical Priest album, or even a Heavy Metal album.  What were you expecting?

Also, why the fuck are you creating a thread just to bitch?  There are far too many Nostradamus threads as it is now, and you're creating a thread to bitch and complain about the disc?  Dude, why not use one of the EXISTING threads to express sentiments instead?

And one more thing: Since you haven't done any research to back up your b.s., they've clearly stated on multiple occasions they have wanted to do a concept album for years!  I wouldn't exactly call this jumping on the concept album craze.  Nor are they exactly following a trend.  How many concept albums have you heard where an entire song was done in Italian?  Or, have symphonic elements in every tune? (sorry, but Metallica's S&M or any of the live albums with a symphony playing along with the band counts)

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[screaming_4_priest] Wednesday, June 25, 2008 3:26:46 AM 

Your 4th point is totally stupid.

Judas Priest have been looking to do a concept album for years now, they were shown many ideas one being Nostradamus & they went for it.

& In all there interviews they have said it has been a complete labour of love. 
& i dont think they would have spend on off 2 whole years writing & recording some thing they dont want to do.

[seely] Wednesday, June 25, 2008 2:54:19 AM 
IMO the album kick's ass, you, my friend are a nutter!

Though the fact that so far they have only done a couple of those songs live is a bit dissapointing, but at least we're getting some older, cool songs. (Plus they're gonna be doing the whole album live at some point, so that makes up for it)
[screaming_4_priest] Wednesday, June 25, 2008 2:48:43 AM 
Dude your a fuck nut.

Did you really have to go & create a new thread for this, there is clearly many places to share your opinion on the new album already.

There are many of us that think the album is amazing.

If you ask me its 100% Judas Priest with a new twist. fast songs, slow songs Epic song writing its perfect.

The downfall of Priest ummm im sure this has been said many times in the past when priest have a new record, but they still always kick your ass.
[JudasPriest4Ever] Wednesday, June 25, 2008 1:31:49 AM 
Let me list the things I am disgusted with:

1) that Judas Priest is only playing a select amount of concerts in the U.S.

2) the Nostradamus double cd is the most disappointing Judas Priest album I have ever heard

3) that Priest plans to perform the entire album from start to finish when they tour

4) that Priest let their manager decide for them what their new album should be about and steer it as far away from the Judas Priest sound as he could; which is why the Priest logo is NOWHERE to be found on the album, nor are any pics of the band on or in the cd at all (I guess they realized what a mistake the album was but it was too late to go in and record real Judas Priest music)

5) that after such a triumphant reunion album, Angel Of Retribution and the successful tour, they follow that up with a whimper of a neo-classical, pseudo-opera disaster

Did I leave anything out ???

Oh yeah, Priest is jumping on the prog-rock, concept album craze.
Instead of setting the trend, they are following one.
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