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20th December 2000

As promised here is the first of our guitar features -�Glenn is talking here about some of his favourite guitars - hope you enjoy it!� K.K.'s feature will be coming around the middle of January.

Judas Priest

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29th November 2000

Ripper arrived over to the U.K. last week and he is in the studio recording his vocals - he is singing better than ever! The album is really taking shape - we're all very excited about it. As you can see from the video piece we're having a great time working on this album!!

Judas Priest

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12th October 2000

We are going to have to delay the feature on Glenn and K.K.'s guitars and equipment for a little while as they are on a roll putting their guitars down on the album - as soon as we have the time to record this feature, we will but at the moment the album has to come first!

Judas Priest


4th October 2000

Amidst another batch of silly rumours doing the rounds, we patiently have to bite our lip and just get on with recording the new Priest album - the only thing that matters!

We have read with amusement that Ripper is supposed to be unhappy - or that we've had some 'demo's'(!!!) rejected by our record companies - or that we've postponed the release of our album for various reasons - or that there's a split in the band - or difference of opinions on musical direction etc., etc.!! - None of this is remotely true - it's all utter rubbish!! What makes some of these rumours even more annoying is that they have been printed by people who we have known for a long time and have respect for - they really should know better - all they're doing is causing confusion with our fans out there. So here once more is an update on the progress of the new album and the band in general so everyone's clear on the situation:

Firstly, as we have stated before, the band are happier and more unified than ever, especially on the musical direction of the new album. The release date has not been postponed or put back - we simply haven't finished the album yet. The plan is to deliver the album at the end of the year and schedule a release around March 2001. We shall then be touring for most of next year and we intend to cover the world including many areas we have never visited before. We have been off the road for a long time now and as there is a big demand for the band it looks like it is going to be a long tour!! It will be exciting to play all the classics particularly some of the oldies that we haven't played for many years, and some songs from 'Jugulator' which will include 'Cathedral Spires', 'Bloodstained', 'Death Row' and 'Burn in Hell' etc., and in addition it will be great to introduce some tracks from the new album - it looks like we're going to be on stage for a long time!!

As for the new album, Scott's just finished off his drums which as always sound killer! Ripper's coming over in October for the final vocal stint - he's singing better than ever - it has taken a long time to record this album for many reasons but the main one is that we feel it's probably one of the most significant pieces of work by the band - the direction of the new album is the thing that's taken the most time - a band like Priest can never win - if we write in the old classic style , we get slammed as being dated yet if we progress too quickly musically as we advance into 2001 people will criticise that also, so we will, therefore, have to do what comes naturally and yet still try to evolve . We are trying to encapture three things in this album - tracks which have classic Priest melody, very moving songs which will satisfy the stalwart Priest fans, then songs which take up where 'Jugulator', left off - and finally, as always, tracks where we are attempting to break the rules and push the boundaries aside as we move into 2001. It is an album which we feel has great depth and excitement and will surprise many people. It also has a lot of light and shade and character and melody so hopefully it will please the majority of our fans. We are all excited about it and have all been involved with it. We have about 19 or 20 tracks - all of which have a great chance of making it onto the album. We will be putting some titles and sound bites on the page prior to the release of the album.

We don't as was suggested submit demos to our record companies - after 25 years of making albums, we give the labels our album when we are satisfied that it's finished. Now we have in Atlantic, SPV and JVC three record companies that we believe in and that really believe in the band and are 100% behind us.

Also, we have been working on a TV programme which will be going out in the U.K. around next spring. It's part of a series entitled Classic Albums - this programme is all about 'British Steel' and the making of that album - there will be a video and DVD about it as well which will be available around the same sort of time.

We'll be doing a few studio reports on the page very soon so keep a look out for them - Scott has already kicked off with this section and as promised Glenn and K.K. are doing a feature on all their guitars and also the equipment they use in the studio within the next couple of weeks. Keep your eyes pealed for more info! We are going back to work now in the depths of the studio!

As always - keep the faith!!

Judas Priest


23rd September 2000

Here are the first shots of Glenn and Scott in the studio with our engineer Sean Lynch - all is going really well and I'll be putting a message from the band on the page next week. Here's Scott checking the noticeboard - as we tell you all the time the band do read your comments!!

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7th August 2000

Yet again we're hearing lots of rumours - this time about something Ripper is meant to have said about the album only being at the demo stages.....nothing could be further from the truth!!
The album is way past that stage - Ripper hasn't put his final vocals on it yet only because there is so much more to do before we get to that stage - he will be coming back over here again very soon to lay down his vocals - the album is well and truly on the way to becoming another Priest classic!!


15th June 2000

We are dedicating this time to writing and recording as many new songs as possible - we're on a roll coming up with some great new material - we have enough tracks for two albums now!!

We really want to utilise this time because when we hit the road again we won't have time to write and we don't want there to be such a big lay off before the next album.



15th June 2000

We're going to have a new feature on the site soon - Glenn and K.K.'s guitars - so watch this space - it won't be long now!!



27th April 2000



I thought I'd tap out a few lines to update you all on our movements. It might seem that there's not much happening at the moment but nothing could be further from the truth. All our time at present is being taken up with the recording of the new album. A tremendous amount of work has already been put in and, as always, we're striving to make this the best Priest album to date.

As I say, much has already been done but there is still a few months graft left in order for us to complete this metal masterpiece so it won't be on the shelves just yet. We are proud to continue into the millenium with Ripper at the mike but we'll ALL have to be patient a little longer 'cause at heart, we're all fans of this band and we're eager to hear the finished product too!

As far as touring goes it's needless to say that as soon as we have a more definite completion date for the album, a world tour will be organised so you can all hear the new material in the raw. During the organsiation, we'll do our best to work in the countries we haven't visited yet, so as many of you as possible will get the opportunity to experience Priest live!

Well that's about it for now, we'll keep you all updated as things unfold.
All the best and KEEP THE FAITH!



20th April 2000

Yet again there appears to be a spate of reunion rumours doing the rounds - these rumours are not true! As we always say don't believe anything until you hear it from us first!

We have been working day and night on the new album - we've got Scott over here at the moment and he's being laying down some very mean drum tracks! Ripper is coming over in a couple of weeks to finish off his vocals - meanwhile Ian 's currently administering the relentless Judas Priest bass sound - we've got about 15 tracks already but intend to kick around 2 or 3 more of our stronger ideas which we'd like to include on the album - so it's all coming together really well.

As to the direction of the album, whilst still pursuing the 'between the eyes JUGULATOR' direction, many will be pleased to know that the new album also contains tracks returning to the more melodic classic Priest trade mark and of course, they'll be plenty of dual guitars from Glenn and K.K.!! It's an album that we're confident will please everybody!

We've had to turn down some Summer dates because our priority is to finish the new album - once it's finished and we have a release date we will announce it here on our page and we will then schedule our worldwide tour dates to tie in with it.

We have just approved designs for some 'Classic Priest' t-shirts which will be available through the page - as soon as they are ready we'll let you all know.

You'll be pleased to know that we're going to improve and extend the page now to give more information on the band and we will be reinstating the noticeboard sometime next week.

We'd really like to involve everyone now so how about sending us your suggestions for album titles and cover designs - keep watching this space for competitions we'll be organising in the near future - the page has been quiet as always whilst the band are recording but as the album is nearing completion we intend to interact a lot more - we'd welcome your comments and ideas.


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22nd February 2000


Hello to all the Judas Priest metal heads - I bet you can't wait for the new CD - well neither can we!!
We've been working hard on it and are anxious to have all our fans hear it as soon as it's finished.
I, myself, can't wait to continue the JP tradition and add one more chapter to the #1 heavy metal band in the world.
So to all our fans just keep the faith and always keep it heavy!!



10th January 2000

We are really pleased to tell you that we have now officially signed with Atlantic Records in the states and with JVC in Japan. We are continuing with SPV in Europe. Now we have everything sorted out it is all systems go to finish the record!



10th January 2000

We have been watching our Noticeboard over the past few months and even though originally we were going to just ignore the stupid and abusive comments we have now decided that we're going to take the board down for a while so we'd like to apologise to the true Priest fans but unfortunately a minority of idiots are spoiling it for everyone else. We have always tried to keep the board impartial and will re-instate it at a later date, but with more control so bona fide Judas Priest fans can have their say and discuss the band without having to put up with all the nonsense that is predictably appearing at the moment.

What you should know is that we make the decisions - we oversee our own careers along with Jayne Andrews and Bill Curbishley - no decision is made without our full approval. We have been in this business a long time so do you honestly think we would leave our careers in the hands of incompetent people....please give us some credit!! Don't think we are unaware of what is being said - remember we can and do access the board at any time through our own personal computers!

Again to our true fans, we apologise but will soon have the board up and running again. Many thanks.



6th January 2000


So as we have all made it into the year 2000 I would like to say a gigantic thanks to all the Priest fans out there who have supported us all these years and got us through to the next century together!

We are just about to go into the studio for the final stint of the new album.

I know a lot of you are frustrated because we seem to have been very quiet last year, so let me fill you in as to the reasons why and bring you up to date with everything that's happening:

Although we couldn't be happier with SPV our European record company and are continuing with them, we needed to change the American and Japanese side of things - we felt we had to get back with major labels in these territories. Believe me things like this take a long time to sort out. We couldn't really move on until we had resolved it all but now we are at last finally ready to go!

Atlantic Records have signed the band in the States and JVC in Japan - I think Atlantic will be great for Priest in America - I already know many of the people there because they worked with me on my solo album 'Baptizm of Fire'. This was released on Atlantic Records worldwide. The people that I worked with in the U.S. not only understand metal but are also big Priest fans.

JVC should also be perfect for Japan - they have wanted to sign the band for a long time now and they believe in the band and our music - incidentally we were voted best live band in Japan last year and Ripper was voted the best singer, which was a great start.

You can perhaps imagine how time consuming it has been contractually to achieve the record company re-shuffles but there have been other factors that have slowed us down as well. It is sometimes easy to forget that band members have a life and that sometimes they need to take time out. On a personal level, last year was good and bad for me. I moved home and built a studio in my barn which was great, but it did take a big chunk out of the year. On the bad side my father has been ill and still is and he needs a lot of attention. This has meant that for once in my life Priest hasn't exactly been a priority. This has slowed us down a lot and I am afraid that some of the delay has been down to me and for that I apologise - but it was unfortunately, unavoidable.

The rest of the band have been very understanding about this because we are all itching to go and are excited about the new album and the forthcoming 2000 tour. We haven't been dormant though and on the up side we have had plenty of time to write. I can't deny that I personally puzzled over the direction for a while but eventually I decided to just put ideas together that come naturally and let instinct take control. I think the new album will surprise a lot of people and I think Priest fans are going to love it.

'Jugulator' was obviously met with apprehension especially as we had just taken Ripper on board, and everyone needed proof that the band was as good, if not better than ever, onstage.

The 'Jugulator' tour and the new live album 'Meltdown' proved just that. Ripper was totally accepted by the fans. He has a great character and his ability is phenomenal. Finding him was nothing short of a miracle. I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed playing on stage as much as I did on the last tour. The reaction and reviews worldwide were fantastic and the combination of old and new classics that we performed was incredibly emotional. The energy and enthusiasm of the band and the audience was the most intense that I have ever experienced.

Although it took a little while, nearly everyone now loves 'Jugulator' and understands what we were trying to do at that point in time. Yes it is brutal because we felt brutal, but I'm proud of it and it will always be a worthy chapter in our career, having its' own unique character just like every other one of our albums, but still being unmistakable Judas Priest. Tracks like 'Burn In Hell', 'Cathedral Spires' and 'Blood Stained' have already established themselves as Priest classics, and when Ripper points that microphone towards the audience everyone sings along together in one almighty voice!

So going back to the new album - although we have maintained elements of 'Jugulator' we have also moved towards a more melodic and classic priest frame of mind. I think everyone's going to love it, even the rough demos we did are full of character! When it finally comes out I think you will agree it has been worth waiting for and I promise you won't have to wait so long for the next one!!

We can't wait for the album to be released and to get back out on tour again this year - thanks for being patient.




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