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TOPIC: Why People In Here Are Not Getting Along???
[Becks] Monday, February 04, 2013 2:53:50 PM 
It's just unfortunate that Rob set himself such a high standard that when he does hit a bum note (which is NORMAL for ALL singers time to time) people shit on him. Bloody hell people, this man and his mates have shared their music with us for 40 odd years - they owe us nothing at all. We are lucky. Yep, sometimes something happens that pisses fans off, or they release a record or song that is not the best (example, I really don't like Loch Ness from AOR, and Troubleshooter from POA is hammy at best). What is so wrong with focussing on the positive! Just because most of us here focus on the good stuff doesn't make us fan boys or fan girls. Why on earth would anyone want to dwell on the bad stuff, that just drags you down. That video is excellent HRMG, I would have given anything to have seen Judas Priest live on that tour

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