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TOPIC: Why People In Here Are Not Getting Along???
[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Monday, February 04, 2013 12:06:51 PM 
There is a difference between being constantly negative about the band whose site you are on and saying you didn't like this or that. You might want to remember what you initially said about the Cleveland Epitaph show, when you thought you were the only one from this site that was there. Every one of us here has made negative comments about things we did not like concerning Priest and yet you and Bwian consider us fanboys and fangirls. Give me a break. You are just mad because people don't agree with you, because I sure as hell didn't think Rob sounded bad in Cleveland. Fake highs, isn't that what you said? People were laughing at him? Rob was much better on the Epitaph tour than the BS tour,IMO, where he was hit or miss (I believe that is a criticism, is it not?). Then after I posted the vid I took of BTROD in Cleveland where you said Rob was being laughed at, people heard it and thought Rob was AWESOME!! I let others judge for themselves regarding that show. We aren't running this site and we certainly don't think it revolves around us - it SHOULD revolve around the band whose name is on the site - THE ALMIGHTY JUDAS PRIEST!!

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