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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[Budred] Sunday, November 18, 2012 4:09:48 AM 
You go in so many directions that I can't even keep up with you. I'm using profanity because you are an idiot.
I ask if you've ever downloaded anything.(yes, illegally)  Yes or no, it's that simple.
Secondly if you are so against illegal downloads then why did you turn me onto a site where I could do it?
You say you are not completely against it? Then why all this?
And I don't think you have the power to download MRH out of existence i was repeating your post. And yes I remember making
those posts about Priest. People around me were laughing at them and some around did leave and no I didn't say it was a complete
bust I said that they weren't as good as times past. To me that's true and if a few diehards here want to disagree then so be it.
They played a venue with a seating capacity of 25,000 but drew (maybe) 5000 so technically maybe it was a bust. And of course
people are chiming in. A while back some newbie bitched about clicks here. That's basically what this site is. A click of about a
dozen people who are diehards and don't care for those they deem not to be so when one of you start on someone it becomes a
feeding frenzy.
It used to bother me but fuck it now. That's why I'm not responding to him. He was having a back and forth with you and saw an out by joining you on me.
 Yes I realize this is a Priest site not a MRH site and yes I realize people here don't care about MRH.
Maybe you should realize that this is also a social site and since Priest isn't doing anything people need something to talk about. That or just come here
and read nothing. Sometimes people don't post here for a couple of days. Why? Yeah we can vote for Rob for President of Heavy Metal (how did that
turn out?) but I'm not seeing anything else to discuss about them.
Man it sucks so bad to have a MRH fan on our website. WAH!! WAH!! WAH!!
All he does is talk about them. WAH!! WAH!! WAH!!
Why won't he talk about Priest. WAH!! WAH!! WAH!!
I know, I'll use my intellect on him.

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