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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[Budred] Saturday, November 17, 2012 12:47:26 PM 
Dude, I love Judas Priest and if they were actually doing something worth mentioning I would post about them in a heart beat.
The only thing they have done since Rob's return is two albums and a couple of tours. Other than that it has been a continual blast of compilations,
best of's, and live cd's. No real work just a lot of bloodsucking. 
 I'm not trying to troll this site or get anyone to like them(MRH). What you don't get is that they are a local act for me and they play most of their shows in this region
of the U.S. That gives me multiple opportunities to see them and I try to use this as a social site and since they are giving me something to talk about I post.
I'm not trying to ram them down anyone's throat and they aren't that successful yet they keep giving  for their fans. I respect them for that. I would rate Priest
a hundred times higher than MRH but they aren't doing anything for me now so I don't discuss them. If I'm coming off as a troll or if you think I'm trying to do
with them here what Brian does with Maiden you're incorrect. Believe it or not I still respect you and the help you've given me since I've been here but lately
you just post negatively about me and that results in some of my sarcasm. Peace! (whether you want it or not)

Oh'  and their shirts aren't overpriced. I paid 40.00 bucks for a Priest shirt but only 25.00 for theirs.

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