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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[guidogodoy] Saturday, November 17, 2012 7:18:38 PM 
Sure! Glad to answer and am also glad to see that others are chiming in as well.

1. Did I ever say that I was against Demonoid (which was taken down quite some time ago, BTW...only now coming back in a different form)? Not a bit (pun intended). As you say, I told YOU about it. Do YOU know what a DOS (denial of service) attack is? It is an attack on servers so overwhelming that they essentially knock them out. Many, myself included, believe that the US goverment took out Demonoid with this unsavory method as they couldn't cross boarders legally. It WAS in the Ukraine but is now believed to have been moved to the far East. So, have I ever downloaded anything? HA! You have to even download video games via Steam nowadays! I downloaded the Oregon Trail as a kid (who remembers THAT one? BANG! LOL) So, to help clarify what I THINK you are trying to ask: "have you ever downloaded anything illegally?" Answer: of course. My own example of Van Halen answered that one. HB mentioned bootlegs. They are not an explict rule governing them. Only good faith. If they are official releases, it is banned by most upright download sites. Audience taped (video or audio) WILL be removed from such sites if the artist or their reps ask them to be taken down. I have several terabytes. You now resort to obscenity when I am simply discussing. So, I "turned you onto it" because I am NOT so FUCKING against it! (you should breathe more. Perhaps yoga would calm you).

Truth be told, I work with computers so can get most anything I want anyway. Songs are the exception. Do be careful. While I would have posted a site where you need not be a member yet download all HRH discography in lossless form, I'd suggest masking your IP. They ARE cracking down on illegal downloaders. A simple google search would verify it.

Question 2) Uh, where is the second question? Was "have I ever downloaded anything" (any fool knows that visiting a webpage downloads the page to your cache) and what of Demonoid the two questions? If so, look up what happened to Demonoid. Even better, Pirate Bay.

Now your comments (really aren't questions so I have to take them as such) about my "issue with you?" If you think has a thing to do with MRH, you are delusional. Honestly, I could care less about them. Anyone else on the board like them, more power to both of you. True. I can't name a single solitary song they "sing" (I actually like people who sing, not growl) yet I can name just about all Priest's catalog and most of their lyrics. Save Ripper-era, of course. lol Last time I looked, though, this was a JP board, no? No big stretch of the imagination there.

Finally, while I thank you very much for thinking that I have the power to put MRH out of existence but, alas, I can only change the tides. Oh, and stop time. As I said before, you are a sensitive type and I should show more feeling. After all, it comes from the same fellow who thought that the last Priest show was an utter bust, no? "People laughing at them" was pretty close to your quote, wasn't it? Remember, it wasn't me that answered, it was other members of the board who were at that same Priest concert you dissed. Recall that do you? I'm sure anyone can look up the post if you need help remembering. 

Thanks for calling me a diehard Priest fan. At least I am in good company. I have yet to see anyone engage you in a single convo over MRH (well, besides ME!!).

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