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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[Budred] Saturday, November 17, 2012 4:33:40 PM 
Two questions.

Have you ever downloaded anything?

Why the fuck did you turn me onto Demonoid if you're so against it.

You've pretty much stated what you're issue is with me.
I like MRH.
MRH gives me enjoyment through entertainment and something to talk about with all the stuff they have going on.
Priest does nothing for me right now and gives me nothing to discuss and you are a diehard and resent this.
You resent it so much in fact that you want to put MRH out of existence.
Then you try to belittle me by stating how they don't draw and people walk out on them.OK, now I'm hurt.
You don't realize that I don't care how anyone feels about them. I only care how I feel about them. When they
do go away I'll move on to someone else.

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