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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[guidogodoy] Saturday, November 17, 2012 2:30:55 PM 
Well, first, I said that it takes an awful lot to get me actually "pissed." Typing on the internet isn't even in the running. As I spend my typical days at work on a mainframe dealing with REAL internet trolls, believe me, I have very thick skin. You, on the other hand, have always tended to take everything way too personally. The creation of this very thread is a good example. A bit of a persecution complex mixed with over-sensitivity if you ask me. Hell, you can talk about MRH 'till the cows come home. Do you think that Hellrider posting his dumbass "goatfucker" or cardboard YouTube messages is ever going to make people like the band or open their eyes that they should have "all, not a partial full-on in your face three axe attack" with JP's next album? Of course not.

I am actually referring to a larger problem in the other thread. That of illegal downloads and not paying for things you like. Why is MRH not as popular as they should be? Perhaps, just perhaps, could it be due to lack of exposure to their music worldwide? Lack of revenue that could have been used to market themselves? How many thousand times do you think that their entire discography has been downloaded? How many that liked what they heard actually paid for them?

To reference bands that used to be local from MY hometown, why are Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, and Bob Seger (who was SO local that he played a free concert on my HS front lawn before he hit it big) household names while MRH is not only local but had less than a "state-fair" gathering of people at an Ozzfest?! As I said, many who also walked out. Better bands? Bad crowds? Hey, how about no big marketing team behind them exposing possible fans to their music?! Different era and more cut-throat than ever in terms of competition. $ is down because of record sales and illegal downloads. THAT is a fact. 

Nice grab on the t-shirt, btw. Again, could it possibly be that they can't raise prices because of lack of demand? At Priest, I bought a $40 and a $60 shirt, stage crew shirt plus tourbook. You don't even want to know how much else I got via private deals and eBay.

For all you Mushroomhead fans. Here: (nah, second thought edited by me...I am not so cruel as to post where you can download every single disc without any sort of membership)  I recommend the discography. Know that it is illegal to download any of this but, if you do, I am sure that you will certainly be honest and support the band by paying so that they can continue their craft and, hopefully, be able to offer more concerts.
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