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Featuring the unbridled wit and wisdom of some of the metal world's brotherhood and keeping it REAL !!

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[Healer] Sunday, June 29, 2008 9:28:40 AM 
An eight-minute audio interview with JUDAS PRIEST bassist Ian Hill conducted by Norway's Metal Express Radio has been posted online at this location.

JUDAS PRIEST's new double-disc concept album, "Nostradamus", has registered the following first-week chart positions around the world:

#3 - Croatia
#3 - Czech Rep
#3 - Finland
#4 - Hungary (international chart; #12 overall)
#5 - Germany
#5 - Sweden
#6 - Europe
#9 - Canada
#11 - USA
#12 - Norway
#12 - Switzerland
#13 - Austria
#16 - Australia
#17 - Denmark
#26 - Italy
#26 - Spain
#30 - UK
#31 - New Zealand
#38 - France
#50 - Netherlands

"Nostradamus" sold 42,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 11 on The Billboard 200 chart. This marks the band's highest-ever chart position in the U.S. In Canada, the CD opened at position No. 9 after shifting close to 4,000 units.

JUDAS PRIEST's last CD, "Angel of Retribution", premiered with 58,000 copies in the U.S. back in March 2005 to debut at No. 13.

Fan-filmed video footage of JUDAS PRIEST performing the classic song "Breaking the Law" on June 24, 2008 at Zenith in München, Germany can be viewed below (clip uploaded by YouTube user "z4128").
[Healer] Sunday, June 29, 2008 9:27:16 AM 
QUEENSRŸCHE, SAMMY HAGAR, ALICE COOPER, TWISTED SISTER and BRET MICHAELS are among the confirmed artists for the Rock The Bayou festival, set to take place August 29 – September 1 on the Rock The Bayou Grounds, located between Kirby Drive and Fannin Avenue, directly south of Loop 610 in Houston, Texas, where AstroWorld was a seasonally operated theme park (the former theme park has been transformed into a hundred acre playground for music lovers and rock enthusiasts).

The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

Friday, August 29:


Saturday, August 30:


Sunday, August 31:


Monday, September 1:


For more information, visit
[Healer] Tuesday, June 24, 2008 7:01:01 PM 
Well I would have posted news but everytime I would go post I noticed you had already posted.  But here, Just for you Metal Jesus:

A brand new ALICE COOPER track, Vengeance Is Mine, is available for streaming on his MySpace page. The song comes off the rock legend's forthcoming album, "Along Came A Spider", due on July 29 via SPV Records.

"A dark and menacing album for dark and menacing times" is perhaps the most fitting description for Alice's 25th studio album overall, as a chilling conceptual thread runs through the songs, which are told through the voice of a serial killer named Spider — one that Alice describes as "an arachnophobic psychopath" (in the song "Catch Me If You Can"). Alice, the master storyteller, weaves a web of danger, intrigue and death that rivals his best work.

Co-produced by Danny Saber, Greg Hampton and Alice himself, "Along Came A Spider" manages to marry both vintage and modern-day Alice. As theatrical as ever, the album is a sonic combination of familiar Alice musical elements from albums as diverse as "Billion Dollar Babies" and "Brutal Planet", with the storytelling of "Welcome To My Nightmare", capturing the historic dark side of Alice in peak form, an instantly recognizable presence that will be welcomed by his fans. Joining Alice on the album are members of his touring band — longtime Alice drummer Eric Singer, bassist Chuck Garric, and guitarists Keri Kelli and Jason Hook, with additional contributions from others, including Saber, Hampton, and renowned backing vocalist Bernard Fowler. Slash also lends some guitar style to "Vengeance Is Mine".

Saber and Hampton co-wrote several of the album's songs with Alice, while others were collaborations with Alice's band members. Danny Saber, best known for his role as member and producer of BLACK GRAPE, has also worked with many other artists, including THE ROLLING STONES, OZZY OSBOURNE, and DAVID BOWIE, while Greg Hampton's been working on a new album project teaming up Buckethead and Bootsy Collins.

Who else but Alice Cooper, with "Along Came A Spider", would create a "love story" about a serial killer named Spider? His trademark is wrapping his victims in silk, and his victims are specifically chosen to feed his hunger to kill. But, upon meeting his (possibly) last victim, he falls in love with her and cannot kill to complete his plan. That could be his demise.

Though it is often said about artists with as rich a history as Alice that their newest albums capture the essence of their greatest work, it may honestly be proposed that "Along Came A Spider" does exactly that. It's got hard rock with hooks, an Alice trademark ("Vengeance is Mine", "I Know Where You Live"), classic balladry, another Alice trademark ("Killed by Love", "Salvation"), and always with an overtone of evil, yet another Alice tradmark. Throughout the album, Alice BECOMES Spider, telling the story of a cold-blooded killer to life vocally, as if this were the soundtrack to an as-yet unmade horror film.

"Along Came A Spider" track listing:

01. Prologue/I Know Where You Live
02. Vengeance Is Mine
03. Wake The Dead
04. Catch Me If You Can
05. (In Touch With) Your Feminine Side
06. Wrapped In Silk
07. Killed By Love
08. I'm Hungry
09. The One That Got Away
10. Salvation
11. I Am The Spider/Epilogue

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[Bazookajoe_666] Tuesday, June 24, 2008 4:33:30 PM 
Here everybdy, I'm getting tired of posting news again, I NEED A VACATION HAHA!

So here everyone who wants some news, take a look and post some too if your feeling generous and have nothing better to do.
[Painkiller87] Tuesday, June 24, 2008 12:19:11 PM 

That Keith Bergman better be talking about his opinion because it is obvious that:

1. He has no taste, and is closed minded. (What I mean is that he doesn't broaden his horizon and see the other genres of metal)
2. Needs to get his facts straight. (Avantasia's albums are epic, and thats about it. Nothing about Nostradamus in any of it like he assumes: "in fact, no one seems to want to tell Rob, Glenn, K.K., Scott or Ian that the band AVANTASIA did this exact same concept album a few years back.")

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Edited at: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 12:19:52 PM
[Healer] Monday, June 23, 2008 6:29:52 PM 
Love the Priest interview.  I would love to hear or see an interview where they break down every song.  Would be so cool to know what they were all feeling with each song.
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[Bazookajoe_666] Monday, June 23, 2008 3:29:50 PM 
As Mean As Axl Is, What He Said Was Pretty Funny Haha.
recently spoke to Sebastian Bach to gain some insight into where his pal, GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose, stands with the extremely delayed "Chinese Democracy" LP. Here's Bach recalling what happened the time he suggested Rose just put out "Democracy":

"There's only a couple of times he's ever gotten mad at me. One of them was when I let Ron Jeremy in his dressing room. He didn't like that at all. 'Why the fuck did you let Ron Jeremy in my dressing room?' I was like, 'Dude, he was begging.' That wasn't a good time for me. Axl goes from zero to 60 faster than any hemi engine, I'll tell you that. When we were first hanging out in 2006, we were just standing around a bunch of people. I go, 'Axl, do you think you might get the record out? It would be a great time, now that we're on tour and everything.' He goes, 'Oh. Great! Everybody! Sebastian has a great idea here, man. Guess what? Sebastian, should I put out a record? Maybe it would be a good idea for me to put out a fucking record! Hey everybody, listen to this! I never thought of that! That never came to me! Oh, great idea, dude.' I felt like Fred Flintstone in Mr. Slate's office."

Read more from

FIrst Motley Crue Show

MÖTLEY CRÜE played its first show in a year yesterday (Sunday, June 22) when it headlined the second day of the Heavy MTL festival in front of 22,500 fans at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The group's setlist was as follows:

01. Kickstart My Heart
02. Wild Side
03. Shout at The Devil
04. Saints of Los Angeles
05. Sick Love Song
06. Live Wire
07. Don't Go Away Mad
08. Same Ol' Situation
09. Primal Scream
10. Looks That Kill
11. Girls Girls Girls
12. Dr. Feelgood
13. Home Sweet Home

Check out photos at A couple of the pictures are being displayed below.

MÖTLEY CRÜE's new album, "Saints of Los Angeles", is available for streaming in in its entirety at

Due on June 24, the album is loosely based on the band's memoir, "The Dirt", which was published in 2001. The CD will be the first to feature all four original members of the CRÜE since 1997's "Generation Swine".

"Crüe Fest" will kick off on July 1 in West Palm Beach, Florida, hitting 40 cities before wrapping up in late August.

Photos displayed from

Judas Priest Interview

JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford and guitarists K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton sat down with WAXQ (Q104)/New York's Ian O'Malley to discuss the group's new double-disc concept album, "Nostradamus", as part of FMQB's radio special, "Inside Judas Priest: Nostradamus". A couple of excerpts from the chat follow.

FMQB: There has to be a different approach when you're dealing with something as monumental as a concept album compared to a normal PRIEST album. How did you approach this?

Tipton: It was different in a way, but we always write in the same way. We work on ideas individually and then we get together and pool the ideas. In this case, the ideas had to be related to this type of project with the mystique and vibe it was giving off. So we did the same thing, and we usually mess around with some ideas until the room lights up and then we know we're onto something. The only difference in this case was we wrote lots of ideas, and then we had to piece them together. At that point Rob decided lyrically the way the story was going to go and which pieces were appropriate, because we wanted it to flow through Nostradamus' life. The project is really about his life. It touches on his predictions, but it's about his life. So in this case, we had to write chronologically. We discarded a lot of things that weren't appropriate. It all had to musically make sense. So that was the only difference from making a normal PRIEST album — piecing it all together.

FMQB: How did this open up your musical capabilities in the sense that you have a broader canvas when you're dealing with this story? How did it affect your playing?

Downing: It was like having something new happen. We had a license to go into the territories of classical music. But the big curio was, "Would it work mixing it with JUDAS PRIEST metal?" I think Rob, in the early days, said "This is going to be the first metal opera." From the offset when we were putting ideas down, it was always in the back of our minds to incorporate and merge different musical elements to this extent.

FMQB: Did you find that you got a fresh start with your guitar playing by writing this kind of music?

Tipton: Yes, it enabled us to explore areas that we normally wouldn't go into on a JUDAS PRIEST album. Not particularly classical — because we've often used classical passages in PRIEST songs — but more operatic and more dramatic. That was the main difference. Guitar wise, it pushes you to new heights because it's a completely different thing. The funny thing is, when it's all done and put back into the story, it's still very much JUDAS PRIEST, which amazed us. It's like it was meant to be.

FMQB: Speaking of the operatic aspect of things, what was it like doing the vocals on this album?

Halford: It was an absolute joy for me because I love getting lost in the characters. I've been the "Painkiller", "The Sentinel", "The Sinner" and "The Ripper", and when you become somebody else, you're able to do things that ordinarily you wouldn't do. Every day when I'd go to work, all I'd listen to was classical music, just to get the mindset. I'd also listen to a lot of movie soundtracks — "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Star Wars" — to get into the right frame of mind. We're all metalheads and metal musicians, but if you open your mind to other areas of music, it's tremendous how the inspiration kicks in that ordinarily you wouldn't think about. For me as a singer, I think I had more pleasure and satisfaction in a performance sense than I've ever had before. It's continuous — it's being Nostradamus on every single track, as opposed to previous recordings. So I had a blast. We looked at all the vocal recordings afterwards, and the amount of multi-tracking was unbelievable. It was a joy to do.

FMQB: If you look at what PRIEST is doing now, and then you look back at "Screaming For Vengeance" and those years, what comes to your mind when you think of the progression of the band?

Downing: I think it's fair to say that we have been quite versatile with our material, lyrics and subject matter, all throughout our careers. But I think we've always maintained that JUDAS PRIEST connection somewhere along the way. It would be curious to see if the music from "You've Got Another Thing Coming" could've been on "Nostradamus", or if some of the songs from "Nostradamus" could have been on that album. I think we've always maintained continuity somewhere, but as I've said we've always managed to be versatile too.

FMQB: There's talk of you guys performing the album in its entirety in 2009. You have always been known for your live show, and with something like this, the sky is the limit for what you could do.

Tipton: We've got a great idea for what we can base the whole event around, but of course it's a secret. We can't do it this year because we're doing a summer tour and people will want to hear PRIEST classics, although we'll be doing two or three tracks from the new album. But next year, once we've had a rest, our intention is to perform it in its entirety. We're also hoping to select interesting venues around the world and make it an event each time. The idea we've got for the stage show should be absolutely amazing.


Matt Sorum Interview

VELVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N' ROSES drummer Matt Sorum has told Joe Bosso of that he thinks GUNS N' ROSES will get back together. "I'm sure it'll happen eventually," he said.

Sorum isn't so sure about his involvement in a reunion, however. "They could be having meetings about it right now. They could be in a bomb shelter, with Axl [Rose, vocals] and Slash [guitar] and Duff [McKagan, bass]. And Izzy [Stradlin, guitar]! Maybe Steven Adler [original GUNS N' ROSES drummer] — I don't know. I'd probably be the very, very, very last guy to get the call."

As for the status of VELVET REVOLVER's search for a new lead singer following the departure of Scott Weiland, Sorum said, "We are looking. We are actively looking. We rehearsed for a couple of weeks. We tried out a couple of guys. We have a guy right now that we're still… let me see, what would be the correct word… massaging, as you will — sort of checking it out, feeling it out, letting him work with us. [The guy Sorum is referring to is rumored to be the former THE PANIC CHANNEL/SKYCYCLE singer Steve Isaacs — Ed.] I'd rather not [say who it is] — just because I don't want it to get out that he might be the guy. I mean, we like him, he's awesome… It's really weird because [chuckles] Slash and Duff and myself — especially the three of us — we were kind of like, 'Wow, this guy shows up to a rehearsal on time, he's really nice, he's easy to get along with,' and it actually kind of scared us, 'cause we thought, 'Is this possible?' God, I was worried for a minute that it was almost like, you know, when you get in a relationship with a girl, or a guy gets in a relationship with a girl, or a girl gets in a relationship with a guy, and maybe they're really, really, really nice, but for some reason you don't really like them. [Laughs] I'm kind of worried that we might be so used to the drama. [Laughs] I kind of looked around at the guys. I said, 'Man, this guy is a super-nice dude. You think we can go with that or what? [Laughs]'"

The entire 17-minute audio interview with Matt Sorum conducted by Joe Bosso of is available for download at this location.

THE PANIC CHANNEL's video for the song "Why Cry" featuring Steve Isaacs, the rumored frontrunner for the VELVET REVOLVER singer position and the person Sorum is supposedly referring to in the above interview:
[Bazookajoe_666] Sunday, June 22, 2008 9:51:43 PM 

Pro-Shot Priest!

Scuzz TV has posted a three-and-a-half-minute clip featuring professionally filmed video footage of JUDAS PRIEST's performance at this year's Download festival, which was held June 13-15 at Donington Park, Leicestershire, UK. Also included is interview footage with the group's singer Rob Halford and guitarist K.K. Downing. Watch the clip below.

According to Hits Daily Double (the companion web site of music industry tip sheet HITS), "Nostradamus" is poised to sell around 50,000 copies in the United States during its first week of release for a likely Top 10 debut on The Billboard 200 chart. If "Nostradamus" does in fact crack the Top 10, it will give the band its highest-ever career chart position in the U.S.

JUDAS PRIEST's last CD, "Angel of Retribution", opened with 58,000 copies back in March 2005 to debut at No. 13.

[Bazookajoe_666] Sunday, June 22, 2008 5:21:05 PM 
BLABBERMOUTH.NET CD/DVD reviewer Keith Bergman discussed his controversial opinion of JUDAS PRIEST's new double-disc concept album, "Nostradamus", last night (Saturday, June 21) on "The Classic Metal Show". Keith spoke to hosts Neeley and Chris Akin and took calls from listeners for almost an hour.

"The Classic Metal Show" can be heard live every Saturday night from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. EST at

According to Hits Daily Double (the companion web site of music industry tip sheet HITS), "Nostradamus" is poised to sell around 50,000 copies in the United States during its first week of release for a likely Top 10 debut on The Billboard 200 chart. If "Nostradamus" does in fact crack the Top 10, it will give the band its highest-ever career chart position in the U.S.

JUDAS PRIEST's last CD, "Angel of Retribution", opened with 58,000 copies back in March 2005 to debut at No. 13.

Al Atkins Interview

Stalker magazine recently conducted an interview with original JUDAS PRIEST singer Al Atkins. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow.

Stalker: What band were you in prior to the formation of JUDAS PRIEST?

Atkins: Late 1968, I was in a band I named THE CHAPTERS OF LIFE, but our agency thought the name was too long and retitled us JUG, and has they were supplying us with our gigs I didn't object. One night at a gig we were playing with SPOOKY TOOTH and SLADE, I was approached by another band named EVOLUTION who were managed by BLACK SABBATH's manager Jim Simpson, and they asked me to go on a three-month tour to Morrocco, which appealed to me, and so I left JUG. Not long after joining up with them, Jim Simpson told me apart from singing in EVOLUTION I also had to drive their tour bus, so I told him to stick it, "I'm a singer not a fucking roadie," I told him. By then my old band had split up, so I formed another one with some members that I had played with before, like John Perry (guitar) Bruno Stapenhill (bass) and John Partridge (drums). This was the beginning of JUDAS PRIEST.

Stalker: When did JUDAS PRIEST form? How long were you with the band?

Atkins: JUDAS PRIEST formed in 1969. It didn't get off to a very good start because John Perry (aged 18) commited suicide. We auditioned for another guitarist, and one young guy who came along was K.K Downing — or Kenny, as we new him by then — but he lacked experience and didn't get the job. It went to a lad name Ernie Chataway. We toured the UK and did some recording demos of some of my songs and landed a three-year contract with Immediate Records in London, but not long after signing the contract they went bust. We eventually split up and I formed JUDAS PRIEST MK2 in 1970 with a bit more experienced by now KK (guitar) and Ian Hill (bass), on drums was John Ellis. After touring up and down the motorways and opening up for bands like BUDGIE, STATUS QUO, BLACK SABBATH and THIN LIZZY — to name just a few — and going through three drummer changes, which was Alan Moore and Chris Campbell, I eventually left them in May 1973 and was replaced by Rob Halford.

Stalker: Essentially you were the dominant force behind the classic album "Rocka Rolla". What were your ideas for the recording of these classic tracks?

Atkins: I was the main writer in the band and some of the songs like "Winter" came about from touring Scotland in the freezing winter of '70 and getting stuck in a snow storm at night on a mountain and having to be dug out the following morning. "Caviar and Meths" was our big finishing 10-minute finale when we played live and was just about two peoples different lives, one had all the luck and money, the other had a hard life with none. PRIEST cut it short on "Rocka Rolla" but I don't know why. I recorded the full version on my "Heavy Thoughts" solo album. "Never Satisfied" is just about our ever-changing lives. I wrote this in '72 and Rob recorded it live at the Crucible a few years ago. It was also covered by L.A. band ARMORED SAINT but I haven't heard their version. K.K. was writing his first ever song when I left them in '73 called "Run of The Mill". On "Sad Wings of Destiny" was two more of mine — "Dreamer Deceiver" and "Victim of Changes". "Victim" was made up of two songs, mine was "Whiskey Woman" and Rob's was "Red Light Lady" which the band joined together and retitled it and it is now an all-time classic.

Stalker: Did you like the cover versions of your songs by STEEL PROPHET and ARMORED SAINT and others?

Atkins: Yes they were brilliant covers of my old songs that JUDAS PRIEST had made famous over the years.

Read the entire interview at Stalker.

Al Atkins recently completed work on his autobiography, titled "Dawn of the Metal Gods: My Life in Judas Priest and Heavy Metal". The book, which was was written with Neil Daniels — a freelance rock writer and heavy metal fan who befriended Atkins during the writing of Neil's book "The Story of Judas Priest: Defenders of the Faith" (Omnibus Press) — will tentatively be released before Christmas via Iron Pages.

Bad and Good Covers

According to the UK's Daily Mail, Celine Dion's cover version of the AC/DC track "You Shook Me All Night Long" has been voted the worst cover song.

Dion, 40, has never released the song as a single but performed the "musical offense" at a Las Vegas concert six years ago.

A SUGABABES and GIRLS ALOUD version of "Walk This Way", which had been a huge hit for AEROSMITH and rappers RUN DMC, came second.

Experts also delivered a verdict on the most successful cover versions.

JIMI HENDRIX's cover of the BOB DYLAN song "All Along the Watchtower" topped the list, with the GUNS N' ROSES' version of the WINGS' song "Live and Let Die" and NIRVANA's cover of "The Man Who Sold the World" by DAVID BOWIE also in the top five.

The list is published in the July issue of UK's Total Guitar magazine.

Worst Cover Songs:

01. CELINE DION - You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)
03. WESTLIFE - More Than Words (EXTREME)
04. WILL YOUNG - Light My Fire (THE DOORS)

Best Cover Songs:

01. JIMI HENDRIX - All Along The Watchtower (BOB DYLAN)
02. THE BEATLES - Twist And Shout (THE TOP NOTES)
03. GUNS N' ROSES - Live And Let Die (WINGS)
04. NIRVANA - The Man Who Sold the World (DAVID BOWIE)

Dion covered the AC/DC classic "You Shook Me All Night Long" as a duet with Anastacia on the VH1 CD/DVD release "Divas Las Vegas 2002", out via Sony Music. Watch video footage of the performance below.

GIRLS ALOUD vs. SUGABABES covering "Walk This Way" (RUN DMC and AEROSMITH):
Edited at: Sunday, June 22, 2008 5:25:33 PM
[Head banger] Sunday, June 22, 2008 12:52:59 AM 
thanks, good to know.
now we are all still in the dark about kyuss
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by guitardude from Saturday, June 21, 2008 10:40:11 PM)
[spapad] Saturday, June 21, 2008 11:05:05 PM 
OOppps! missed a bit there. the missing bit is there was nothing but disco crap around on the radio.
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by spapad from Saturday, June 21, 2008 11:02:56 PM)
[spapad] Saturday, June 21, 2008 11:02:56 PM 
Eddie Money. Wow have not heard that name in a long time. He was sort of a Kid Rock for the mid seventies when all there was to listen to unless you played only LPs was radio.
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by guitardude from Saturday, June 21, 2008 10:40:11 PM)
[guitardude] Saturday, June 21, 2008 10:40:11 PM 
Robin Trower is a classic rocker from the early 70`s.  Kind of a Eddie Money type but slightly heavier,or I guess harder would be the proper description for that era.                                                                                                                        I guess I was about 10 and an older cousin had some of his 8-tracks to play in his Ford Maverick(Grabber Edition),no kidding.Must have been good as this memory really stands out in my mind!!!
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Head banger from Friday, June 20, 2008 5:55:31 PM)
[JayDee  Jepsen] Saturday, June 21, 2008 6:09:08 PM 
Speaking of HARD ROCK CAFE, I've been to many HR's around the world,collecting the guitar pins, and I have never seen any Priest memorbila in any of the HR cafes..............not one picture,guitar, album-nothing!   Has anyone else noticed this???  Maybe JP's in the NY HR Cafe but if they're not I would be very embarrassed as an HR owner to have them there and not one shred of memorbilia.
[Bazookajoe_666] Saturday, June 21, 2008 4:25:21 PM 
Priest At Hard Rock Café

British heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST will perform at Hard Rock Café New York in Times Square on Monday, August 4 as part of syndicated broadcast personality Eddie Trunk's event to celebrate his 25th anniversary in radio broadcasting. Trunk, who broadcasts his weekly radio shows, "Friday Night Rocks" on Q104.3 in the New York City listening area and "Eddie Trunk Live" on XM Radio (satellite radio), shared details of the exclusive invitation-only event and instructions on how to win tickets last night during his live show on Q104.3.

The ticket contest will take place over the next several weeks. Eddie's web site, the ticket contest and event ticketing are being managed by Paid Inc. celebrity services, which also coordinates Eddie's fan club and brand management.

There will be no tickets sold for this event. The only way to get in is to win tickets at, If you are planning on being in New York City on August 4 and would like to win a pair of tickets to the event, all you have to do is fill out the entry form at this location. Each week between now and August 4, Paid Inc. will randomly choose several entrants to win. Winners will be notified by e-mail or you can bookmark this page at to see if you've won.

JUDAS PRIEST's Metal Masters tour — also featuring HEAVEN AND HELL, MOTÖRHEAD and TESTAMENT — will kick off on August 6 at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey.

The tour, produced by Live Nation, will be PRIEST's first thorough sets of U.S. dates in nearly three years, and will be in support of the group's new "Nostradamus" release. 

This Is The Guy Who Gave Nostradamus A 5/10

BLABBERMOUTH.NET CD/DVD reviewer Keith Bergman will discuss his controversial opinion of JUDAS PRIEST's new double-disc concept album, "Nostradamus", on "The Classic Metal Show" tonight (Saturday, June 21) at 10:00 p.m. EST. Keith will take calls from listeners who are welcome to offer their views on PRIEST's latest effort.

"The Classic Metal Show" can be heard live every Saturday night from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. EST at

HEAVEN AND HELL drummer Vinny Appice and members of the band HATCHET will also appear on tonight's program.

Purple Rainbow

PURPLE RAINBOW is a new project featuring a lineup of musicians who were part of several of the most influential bands in hard/classic rock: from DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW to BLACK SABBATH and DIO.


Bobby Rondinelli (RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH) - Drums
Tony Carey (RAINBOW, PLANET P. PROJECT) - Keyboards
Craig Goldy (DIO) - Guitar

Keyboardist Tony Carey explains: "Now the members of PURPLE RAINBOW have fulfilled a personal and professional dream and stepped into the spotlight to present the music that is our passion. Driven by our love of performing and their desire to revive the golden years of hard rock, we're staging a return to authentic music that comes from the heart and soul."

The list of memorable songs from their collective discographies is never-ending and includes "Man on the Silver Mountain", "Stone Cold", "Stargazer", "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll", "Street of Dreams", "Smoke on the Water", "Highway Star", "Burn" and many more.

The band is currently looking to book concerts in 2009. 
[Head banger] Friday, June 20, 2008 5:55:31 PM 
I have heard meshugga on sirius 27, some generic sounding thrash band
kyuss, no idea
and who the fuck is 
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by soylentgreen4u from Friday, June 20, 2008 5:34:33 PM)
[Soylentgreen4u] Friday, June 20, 2008 5:34:33 PM 
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Head banger from Friday, June 20, 2008 5:09:22 PM)
[Head banger] Friday, June 20, 2008 5:09:22 PM 
ok, that 25 band list, honestly I have never heard of a few of those.  WTF?  I know I am not the most knowledgable around, but seriously, I would have heard of the top 25 bands in metal. at least priest made the list
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New Girlschool Album Is Gonna Fucking Rock!

Guitarist/vocalist Kim McAuliffe of the veteran British all-female hard rock band GIRLSCHOOL has reportedly told Classic Rock journalist Dave Ling that the band's upcoming 30th anniversary album will feature a plethora of special guests, including Tony Iommi (BLACK SABBATH), Ronnie James Dio (BLACK SABBATH, RAINBOW, DIO), Lemmy and Phil Campbell from MOTÖRHEAD, "Fast" Eddie Clarke (FASTWAY, ex-MOTÖRHEAD) and a couple of members of TWISTED SISTER.

GIRLSCHOOL guitarist Kelly Johnson passed away on July 15, 2007 after a six-year battle with cancer of the spine. Along with Johnson, the classic lineup of GIRLSCHOOL included Kim McAuliffe (guitar), Enid Williams (bass) and Denise Dufort (drums). The band was an integral and major force in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement, beginning with the release of its debut album, "Demolition" (1980), and continuing with the follow-up efforts, "Hit 'n' Run" (1981) and "Screaming Blue Murder" (1982). 

Kerry King Interview

UK's Terrorizer magazine recently conducted a short interview with SLAYER guitarist Kerry King. A few excerpts from the chat follow.

Terrorizer: This is the third leg of the Unholy Alliance tour. Will this package just run and run?

King: "It could keep coming as long as there are interesting bills to put together. I think there will be a time when it keeps coming and we're not a part of it. If it becomes a yearly thing we won't do it anymore because then you become married to it, and we don't want to have to make time for anything like that."

Terrorizer: You've been touring on and off for almost twenty years. How long have you got before you throw in the towel?

King: "On the last run Tom [Araya, bass/vocals] said we might be coming to the end sooner rather than later. I wasn't tired in the first place. I'm ready to go. Seeing people like Dio and Halford that are much older than me just go out there and rip shit up. I don't think I'll be playing as long or until as old as they are, because our show is more physical but inspiring to see people like that just kick your arse.

Terrorizer: Other than the Unholy Alliance tour, what new music do you recommend thrash fans to go and see live?

King: "MUNICIPAL WASTE, you can't go wrong with them if you like thrash! I wish I could have seen AIRBOURNE yesterday. They're supposed to be like AC/DC, and I love AC/DC. I haven't heard anything but good things about them."

Terrorizer: What are you most looking forward to about the tour?

King: "I'm looking forward to anything, I've been home for ten months. For the first time in twenty years. The weird thing is I didn't talk to the guys in nine months. We got home and we scattered. There wasn't like a big fight or anything, we just got home. The other guys get burned out more than I do, probably because I work out more."

Terrorizer: There were rumours of a feud between SLAYER and MARILYN MANSON when you toured together last summer. Are they true?

King: "I was the only guy who hung out with him! I'm sure Tom had his issues. When we do a tour like that with two big established bands, we don't throw our dick around, so to speak. He's got his own personal body guard and stuff. The second and third day of the tour he did a sticker on the laminates thing so you couldn't go certain places. And I threw a fucking fit. Not to him, not to any of his staff. I went to my manager and asked why I couldn't go through that door. That shit didn't come from Manson, and that was their fucking security guards. A lot of times we'll play with MAIDEN and I'll finally get through to Nicko [McBrain, drums] or somebody and he'll be like, 'Where you been?' and I'll be like, 'I couldn't get to you!'"

Terrorizer: Do you any plans to work with anyone outside of SLAYER? Any side-projects?

King: "If anyone is going to work with anybody it is going to be me I think. I've got more outlets. I mean I've got so many friends in the biz and I hang with people. Everyone else is kind of to themselves. But I wouldn't want to take time away from SLAYER because it takes us so long to put a record together. If I had the opportunity to play a song with Zakk Wylde, I'd be all over it."

Terrorizer: Would you ever consider straying away from thrash?

King: "I'm just a metal kid. So I wouldn't know where else to go. Or how to do it."

For more information, visit

WAR Released

MTV2's Headbanger's Blog is hosting the premiere of JUDAS PRIEST's new video, "War". According to a posting on the site, the clip "features witches practicing magic then being burned at the stake, a tyrannical ruler exerting fascist control, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse storming through the sky, fire spreading across the earth, winged beasts reigning destruction and lots more imagery that would have make Hieronymus Bosch giddy with delight."

According to Hits Daily Double (the companion web site of music industry tip sheet HITS), JUDAS PRIEST's new double-disc concept album, "Nostradamus", is poised to sell around 50,000 copies in the United States during its first week of release for a likely Top 10 debut on The Billboard 200 chart. If "Nostradamus" does in fact crack the Top 10, it will give the band its highest-ever career chart position in the U.S.

JUDAS PRIEST's last CD, "Angel of Retribution", opened with 58,000 copies back in March 2005 to debut at No. 13.

25 Who Made Heavy Metal (Pssst, I think this guy is retarded

Yahoo! Music writer Rob O'Connor has compiled a list of what he claims are "the 25 performing outfits who have made heavy metal what it is." His pick for the top spot, BLACK SABBATH, "mastered the art of the powerchord and the downward spiral . . by keeping it simple and focusing on the most elemental elements," he writes. Meanwhile, METALLICA, which comes in at No. 6, was "once the lord of a new generation" whose "'Master Of Puppets' [LP] remains one of the sacred treaties and the self-titled black album is that one metal album that non-metal people own and pull out to prove they 'like' heavy metal," according to Rob.

The 25 performing outfits "who have made heavy metal what it is," according to Yahoo! Music's Rob O'Connor:

03. AC/DC
14. RUSH
16. DIO
17. KISS

Read O'Connor's explanations for each pick at this location. '

Neil Peart Update

RUSH drummer Neil Peart has posted a lengthy update on his official web site. An excerpt follows.

"People often ask, 'What's next for the band?' but we learned long ago that when you're in the middle of a big job, you don't need to talk about another one. So, in the middle of a tour, we never talk about making another album, and in the middle of recording, we never talk about another tour. One job at a time, even in your own head, is easier to deal with — you don't need another burden if you can keep it 'in storage' for a while.

"For fifteen years people have been saying to me, 'I hear this is your last tour' (I've been saying it myself since 1989), but subjects like that don't even get raised among the three of us. Certainly after the last two summers of heavy touring, which will eventually add up to well over a hundred shows, there will be no more of that for a while.

"(I adopted my current motto, 'What cannot be altered, must be endured,' around New Year's, and actually found it useful in such occasions as, say, flight delays. Only much later did I realize that the reverse was equally true, in a less passive way: 'What cannot be endured, must be altered.')

"Some fresh challenges await me, no doubt. Later this year, I have agreed to take part in another big-band project, a Buddy Rich tribute concert in October, and that will be a huge occasion to try to rise to. I'm thinking a lot about that these days."

Read Neil's entire message at this location

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25 years since Kill "Em All? I know I have been a Priest fan forever but that just added a new demension of time to the whole experience. Does not seem like Metallica could be that old.
Oh well, what the hell, Im old and I dont care! As long as I can still do things I could do so many years ago I'm not really old. Just a number.

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