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Name Amanda  
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Comments Played lead guitar in a metal band in Toronto from 82 - 86 - called Alloy. We covered Priest, Scorpions and Queensryche for the most part. We usually opened for bands the likes of Anvil, Lee Aaron, Killer Dwarfs, Goddo, Coney Hatch, and several others. Currently, living just east of Toronto in the city that houses General Motors Canada (Oshawa) with my best friend. I am a huge Queensryche/Judas Priest/Scorpions fan and my other musical influences include everything from Metal to Blues. My other major HEROS in this biz are: Rory Gallagher, Billy Sheehan, Ywngwe, Liona Boyd and many many others. I host a site for the official Canadian fans of Queensryche called the True North Tribe (TNT) Empire. We are located at and anyone can join us there. Registration is FREE.....a bargain these days.....and you can get up to date info on the happenings of the band at our site. Hope to see many of you there.  
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