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TOPIC: Iron Maiden Discussion
[Brian_Evans] Sunday, February 20, 2011 11:57:12 PM 
That's ok, you can look through all my posts anytime, I have nothing to hide. I'm a Priest fan just like you so lets just get that straight. I like Iron Maiden too. There's lots of other threads here that have nothing to do with Priest so why do you single this one out? JD Diamond has a Saxon thread and even said many times that they have been a more consistent Metal band than Priest over the years. He totally trashed Priest when they announced the Epitaph tour. Some of the things he said didn't sound like a true fan to me.I didn't see you making a big deal out of that to explain? About the only negative thing I've said according to diamond is that I don't like Halfords long coats Didn't I see a pic. of you on here with Ozzy???... on the Priest website??? shame on you!
You can always hit the ignore button and ignore the thread also .

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