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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[Deep Freeze] Wednesday, March 10, 2010 8:57:38 AM 
Good points of view, one and all. I think Bud is just a tiny bit gun-shy given his difficulties at first. All completely understandable. All of this conversation leads me to a rather direct point;

I do not use grammar, structure and whatnot simply to "show I am smarter than so and so". I am sure it may seem that way to some but I honestly try to be as eloquent as I possibly can be because this IS the interenet and, as HB pointed out,  it is very difficult to detect "tone" in one's posts. Some are clearly more blatant than others but it has been my experience that the more clearly you speak (write) and the words that you use make a tremendous difference in the way people perceive your comments.

It may occasionally come off as somewhat pompous but in all reality, there are very few times when I am misunderstood, even by the more cretinous element amongst us. I am always more than willing to clarify if someone asks but I am fairly certain my point is made the first time through. This is all the more reason for us all to take the time to be more cognizant of what we say and HOW we say it.
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