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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[Budred] Tuesday, March 09, 2010 9:55:18 PM 
You don't understand. I wasn't trying to get anyone to agree to anything. I let people make
up their own minds, just like I do mine. My rant is because of me not allowing myself to be me.
I came here with a less than stellar initial appearance. So I had to back off and be apologetic.(deserving).
Since then I have been so concerned with not offending or pissing anyone off that I started cowering at a
moments notice. Everytime I post something, if someone doesn't like it or it caused arguments among others,
I start backtracking or apologizing. The last thing was pictures that I posted. It caused others to argue and that is 
so not what I wanted. So what do I do? I delete the pictures. After I thought about it I realized that that was me 
cowering again. This is all because of my intro here. Well that's behind me. I will not make antagonizing posts.
I will not purposely offend people but I'm not backing down anymore either. An off the back on to the feet sort of thing.
I'll post pictures of Priest. I'll talk about Ripper. I'll say what I want relative to Priest. If people don't agree so be it.
I basically just want to get out from under this I'm so nice thing and be myself. Who knows, you may like the
real me better. Peace!

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