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TOPIC: Non-famous bands or bands with non-english lyrics
[aceroperuano] Wednesday, April 01, 2009 3:37:48 AM 

The mighty  "CRANIUM":

Anybody?? this band is from Sweden,said that many things related to quality metal comes to my head, in the 90's were all people were too much occupied doing alternative rock and grunge stuff, while in metal scene, decayed it was the few warriors left were doing black or death metal this guys dare to do the unthinkable: making assraping satanic speed metal in a time ruled by Pearl Jam  and Cobain cock suckers(not Nirvana, all in all have some kinda respectable stuff, I just fucking hate the fucking Jesuchrist Superstar status of Cobain), a joke band?maybe but in the end I don't think so, too humorous for his owns sake?? you guess,  but you can't deny this guys were doing a speed metal war against synth pop and disco music and doing metal with passion, balls,aggression and a bloodthirst for posers blood haven't seen since Sheepdog McLaren Razor's era; I can't stop recomending his 3 albums: Speed Metal Satan, Speed Metal Slaughter, and Speed Metal Sentence,  while the first is a more raw approach  to what we call today black thrash, the other 2 albums only can be described satanic speed metal with annoying yet enjoyable(a contradiction I know but even it works like that) vokills, 3 pieces of fierce demonic speed metal assault to your ears, defenders of steel in an era when nobody gived a damn for speed metal.

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