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TOPIC: What's the Most Metal Thing You've Ever Done?
[guidogodoy] Saturday, February 14, 2009 12:29:30 AM is the thread in question. Thanks, Vail.

Ok. This is really for Lidija (Bev+)  who asked for it years ago but my little brother just found it at Mom's house and sent it to me. A picture of the backstage pass that was my two minutes of fame.

To save all who have joined us recently, one of my most "metal moments" was being onstage with Iron Maiden during the Fear of the Dark tour. My college roomate was into college radio (where I hosted the campus "hour of power" show with the stage name of "leatherface" heh..brought in my own albums). We got free tix to go see Maiden outside of Detroit on this tour and, while walking around the ampitheater checking out the crowd, he bumps into an old friend who I didn't know. Turns out this guy graduated and was, then, working for Sony...Maiden's label at the time. Anyway, he was in the crowd looking for people to go out on stage with the band in a sort of orchestrated "fans rush the stage" sort of moment. He asks if we want to go and, leather-clad (and slightly drunk guido) wants to go! We were told to listen for a certain song (Clairvoiant, I believe) and meet so-and-so stage left. My buddy (poser, radio insider) didn't know the song but I got us to the place and time jumping all around decked out in leather coat, boots and chrome jewlery. Even was chastised by the guy who took us backstage beforehand. He actually asked if I could "maintain" for the few minutes they were asking of us.

Well, of course I said yes and we were slapped with these sticker-passes and it went like a whirlwind. In a couple of doors and out on the stage! While the rest of the 10 or so posers held back by the drumkit, I raced over to Bruce who was center stage. The look in his eyes said it all. Guido, crazed look in his eyes racing out onto the stage seemingly wanting to jump on his back. He actually hunkered down bracing for the blow! Heh...  Nothing of the kind. I raced to his side, shouted at the audience who shouted back at me. Then we were ushered off. Lived off that little bit of fame for the rest of the night as people picked me out of the crowd (and signing at a record store afterwards) as "the guy onstage with Maiden!" 

I am still looking for the bootleg of that night. Sadly, only guy who could verify the story was ONSTAGE with me (albeit by the drum kit...poser!). In retrospect, I should have looked for a guitar pic or hugged Bruce or something. Ah well. At least I now have the pass!

My most "metal moment" (until I met Priest last year at the meet and greet).

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