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TOPIC: The Deep Freeze Well Wishers Thread
[Deep Freeze] Tuesday, October 14, 2008 8:15:54 AM 
For those of you that are interested, I shall try to give you a brief update of my current condition;

I am almost to the end of this long, arduous journey. More than two years ago, I was laying on the floor in my office. My most vivid memory is the terrible embarrassment I felt as I lay on the floor in a suit!  I remember my co-workers staring wide-eyed at me, unsure just what was wrong. And I remember the pain. 

Now, after the doctors and the injections and the pills and the attempts to work and the surgery and the frustration and the heartache I am here today. I am one final step from "officially" moving forward. The US government says I am "disabled". I see people at the doctor's office using canes or wheelchairs or much worse and I think, "I am not like that". I still cannot sit or stand for more than about an hour, but I am not like that.

Through all of this, I have always found solace here with you. This place offers me something a doctor or a pill never will be able to offer. I am so grateful for you. Even when I took my "sabbatical", you were on my mind. You help me through. I think of Lord and Den and their struggles and I have great hope and inspiration.

My deepest thanks to you all. Whether or not you understand it or believe it, you have helped me. Thank you so much. 
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