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Comments "For 40 years Judas Priest has been on the scene and has created the Metal Music that is timeless over the years and has left a staple in music in general. The Epitaph tour was breathtaking and the music was typical of Judas Priest Style Heavy Metal. They took you for a walk down memory lane with hits such as Star breaker, Never Satisfied and Beyond the Realms of Death. This brand of Metal which is unmistakable was engrained in me as a youth and has carried me through some very difficult times in my life and as of late is a part of my successes that I have been blessed with. They say this is not the last tour and that they shall be back for some shows which indeed I believe they will. I thought I would make a page for the fans to comment and tell their stories and post their favorite JP songs and get the Metal out. Let's bring the Metal God's back to our cities so they can Unleash the Metal that has meant so much to us over the years. Feel free to comment on anything and everything that is JP related. Keep it Metal!!!" 
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