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TOPIC: Gulf records albums
[panda42] Friday, September 14, 2012 10:09:57 PM 
 Does anyone know if the bad blood (legal issues) between the band and whoever owns the rights to thes would albums will ever be resolved?  Generally the only song still in the live rotation is Victem of Changes.  While that is probably one of the best Priest songs out there. I wouldn't be surprised if they get "dinged". (forced to pay gulf records). Every time they play it or put it on an album.
I guess one of the points I'd like to make is that since they are coming around one last time and calling it the Epitath tour, wouldn't they want to play a few more from their beginning as this is the end for them as a touring band?  The song epitaph though very well written is a bit of a downer for a concert.  
They have already changed their rendition of Joan Baez's. Diamonds and rust from a rocking version back to its originally haunting form.  I'm thinking this shows where they are now as a band better than it did in the beginning since they now have 40 years of diamonds and rust.   Why not go out with on of their own songs like Run of the Mill?

What have they achieved now that they are old?  Millions of fans respect.

Just pondering.....  Though I'd welcome someone else's thoughts on the subject

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