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TOPIC: Happy Sabbath (Friday the 13th of August 2010)
[liberative_pipe] Friday, August 13, 2010 10:34:24 AM 

Happy Sabbath, Friday the 13th of August 2010!


My name is Kenneth, a.k.a. “Pipe” for the predominantly tobac (or “tobacco”) pipes I smoke (kind of rare among common people these days).  My thoughts go out to High Priest “Salty” Peter Gilmore and Reverend John Allee.  I believe in “Lex Talionis” (tit for tat cause and effect) in addition to “Lex Voluntatis” (freewill) as cosmic principles.  I understand that the word “Satanist” sometimes means “gehazi” (in Arabic) or “spiritual fighter” (in English).  I am monotheistic and respect many sound leaders, kind of like a Unitarian, but far more discriminating and intolerant.  I have a lot of experience in spiritual thought, including sorrow for mistakes.  I would like to think of myself as a basic, responsible pagan (not conforming to any of the world religions, all of which seem to worship the planetary crime lord Jesus at the center of the earth), and also a witch.  Which is a great word of question in cases such as:  Which is God – masculine or feminine?  AND Where does God reside – above or below us?  Speaking of the words “Satanist” and “Jesus”, I have found that to worship enmity is as wrong as it is to be vain and masochistic; either way, disadvantage for oneself develops.  To me, saying “The church of Satan” sounds like speaking Ebonics.  I consider Jesus and Satan to be about the same.  Do good and good (meaning advantage) will happen, including to yourself.  As a teenager, I was declared to be “Satan” by the pastor of a heretical Southern Baptist church, because I held that reincarnation was true.  (“ Yes, there’s a chance of returning.  I’m only sending Letters From the Earth.” – Black Sabbath)  Sometimes I have problems with typographical errors that seem to develop in my documents as though from out of nowhere; perhaps an example of malleable matter, I don’t know.  Anyway, I have been working on developing a movement, which for me as of now is a fantasy.  I call it “Brand Fresh Church of Jesus (Same Old Church of Satan)”.  This fantasy religion features the Judas Priest song “Genocide” from Sad Wings of Destiny combined with stigmata (bleeding holes in palms).  I theorize that the psychological buttons this movement would push in people will work, so that the palms of some Jesus worshippers become pierced with nails, and so that the left hands of some Satan worshippers become hammered flatter.  A lot of pain naturally would be involved and my vision is sort of ugly, including ear-splitting screams.  I invite you to look at my latest document, “BFCJInstructions.pdf” and consider whether you think this movement would be feasible at all.  If you’re a dreamer, I hope envisioning BFCJ entertains you.  I believe “laws” in parts of the United States of America would allow Brand Fresh (hot scar or stale somewhat?) Church of Jesus services to be conducted.  You might want to add “Gallows” (people hanging themselves onstage), which I hear is (or was) popular in California.  Unfortunately, where I live for now, the Brand Fresh Church of Jesus (Same Old Church of Satan) service probably would be frowned upon by rules patrols and trouble would ensue.  As I said, again, Happy Sabbath, Friday the 13th of August 2010.


Peace for Good Now,

Kenneth Wood (a.k.a. Pipe)

TOPIC: – Just “Malachi Equating?” Cancels Balances Lots –
[liberative_pipe] Monday, December 15, 2008 7:11:20 PM 

– Just “Malachi Equating?” Cancels Balances Lots –

is a new, page-long essay I wrote to help fight evil.

I envision “The Sentinel” and “Blood Red Skies”,

besides “Malachi” on Twilight Zone’s episode,

“THE CORN”.  Now you can vanish wrong too.

I hope you will read this and see what you think.

It’s at  

And if you like it, spread it around via the Internet.



“Pipe” (Kenneth)

TOPIC: "Malachi Equating?" Cancels -- Balancing-Proof
[liberative_pipe] Tuesday, December 09, 2008 3:12:49 PM 

"Malachi Equating?" Cancels – Balancing-Proof!

is an essay about how to cancel souls of the

wrong people.  If you're alive and intent, you can

try reading and see  if it clarifies your mind.

My name is Kenneth Andrew Wood (“Pipe”).

I am the author of a website driven toward

enlightenment for myself and other people.

I am writing you because I respect the people

you represent whom I view as good people.

My site’s URL is

I hope you will visit and alert people whom

you know what good you find in my works,

such as:  metaphysical essays, folk tales,

condensations of other works, HTML basics,

and graphics presenting social justice words,

plus how to cancel someone’s soul if wrong.


Vigilance and Justice,

Peace & Love – Pipe!

a.k.a. Kenneth Wood

Winston-Salem, N.C.
Judas Priest Forever!
Gay or Not We Rock.

TOPIC: Victory Against Psychiatric Officiality
[liberative_pipe] Monday, November 17, 2008 10:11:37 AM 

Dear Judas “Priests”!


I am a child of God and I love Judas Priest mostly.
I saw them many years ago on the Operation
Rock'n'Roll Tour, second fiddle to Alice Cooper.

This past week has been an interesting week for me.

I am posting a page of INFORMING on people who

are connected with The ACT Team and Triumph.

The Assertive Community Team and Triumph in

question  are psychiatric enforces of superficialism.

These people are dangerous criminals and should be

thrown out of the West End in our town as we mind

crime religiously and to the fullest extent of our Law.

Thanks for spreading this forward e-mail, warriors!


Vigilance and Justice,

Peace & Love – Pipe!

a.k.a. Kenneth Wood

TOPIC: /\/ 08 /\/ 08 /\/ 08 /\/
[liberative_pipe] Friday, August 08, 2008 10:09:23 AM 

Happy 08/08/08 Everybody.   This day will live in history.  Search for my story "Yoking Yoeshua" on Google now and you will see what I have to say about Jesus is far more plausible than the Bible, and utterly confounding the the Christian Church (which I propose was founded by Joseph of Arimetha)

Lovin Before the  Dawn,


TOPIC: Iconoclast Blows Up Jesus
[liberative_pipe] Friday, July 25, 2008 10:36:15 AM 

Hey  House of Judas!

I am a son of Ishmael (legitimate heir to the planet), but I oppose Christianity.  How can this be you may ask, when I know Scriptures and read the Bible just about every day?  Well, the Bible contradicts fiction perpetrated by Christianity and Hebraic Europeans hiding in Kabal behind the Royal Blood of  SangReal (fecetiously called "the San Greal").  In my new story (which is short -- one page) I present as fiction a different accounting of events concerning Jesus of Nazareth.  It makes more sense than  the Bible.  Actually, I use a few very memorable passages as source material (Matthew chapters 21 and 24, specifically).  "Iconclast" means "one who breaks images of religiosity" besides "going against convention".  My new story -- "Yoking Yoeshua" is featured at the top of my liberative site you will find when you Google "liberative pipe".

Kenneth Wood, son of Ishmael

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