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Iconoclast Blows Up Jesus
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What does Bible Say?


[EriktheRed9] Friday, July 25, 2008 3:14:18 PM 
                Snap out of it jerky boy,the bible says this..........After the Serpent decieves Eve....The Creator punishes the Serpent and says...."I will punish you for this and you will crawl on your belly and eat dust for the rest of your life.You and the woman will always hate each other(this explains the gay issue),her offspring(the human race) and yours will always be enemies(this confirms the reptilian/demonic bloodline,lucifer's kids,read david icke)." This is all in one paragraph right there in that book that the christian people distorted called the Bible.Christian: People who tell other people they are damned too hell because of what ever they might do which in life are called experiences.If we don't experience life then how can we be anything? Christian people sit behind locked doors eating donated food getting fatter by the second ,but, on the other hand,they don't destroy much of any thing like the dark people who have programmed everyone to believe that misery is life. You know what i think....You're all whacked so Snap out of it,Gawd Dammit,life's too short to be a squirvy shnook,Keep it Real.........Erik the Red.
[Phantom A6] Friday, July 25, 2008 12:05:18 PM 
You're one of this kind they think: "Oh, Judas Priest, it's so religous."? We don't to know your new story. And we don't search Google for the bullshit you want to pray. I say it to you in German: Fahr' in Harz, Jachel (I don't know the english translation for "Jachel") und bleib da und lebe weiter in deiner kleinen Kasperwelt, Arschloch!
[liberative_pipe] Friday, July 25, 2008 10:36:15 AM 

Hey  House of Judas!

I am a son of Ishmael (legitimate heir to the planet), but I oppose Christianity.  How can this be you may ask, when I know Scriptures and read the Bible just about every day?  Well, the Bible contradicts fiction perpetrated by Christianity and Hebraic Europeans hiding in Kabal behind the Royal Blood of  SangReal (fecetiously called "the San Greal").  In my new story (which is short -- one page) I present as fiction a different accounting of events concerning Jesus of Nazareth.  It makes more sense than  the Bible.  Actually, I use a few very memorable passages as source material (Matthew chapters 21 and 24, specifically).  "Iconclast" means "one who breaks images of religiosity" besides "going against convention".  My new story -- "Yoking Yoeshua" is featured at the top of my liberative site you will find when you Google "liberative pipe".

Kenneth Wood, son of Ishmael

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