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TOPIC: Redeemer of Souls is over-the-top great
[Brent 27744] Tuesday, July 01, 2014 6:23:45 PM 
I just listened to Redeemer of Souls on iTunes Radio.  It's over-the-top awesome.  It gets really great three songs in, with Halls of Valhalla.  To me, the "incredibly awesome" tracks are Halls of Valhalla, Sword of Damocles, Battle Cry, and Beginning of the End.  Then, there is another layer of "great songs," like Cold Bloded, Down in Flames, and Secrets of the Dead.  The only song I didn't care for was Hell & Back.

I think this is quite likely their best album since Defenders.  It's that good.  This album makes you VERY proud to be a Priest fan!

TOPIC: Three new Priest songs
[Brent 27744] Thursday, February 10, 2011 2:38:17 PM 
Hey, I started this post, and I don't remember giving half you clowns permission to post here!

Alright, I'm just teasing you...

So, what do you all think about the January 26th news that Priest is working on some new material? Do you think they heard our pleas to at least release a few songs through iTunes or something?

I just want three special release songs--a goodbye present to us. A whole album would be cool, but three kick ass songs would be fine. Two Painkiller type songs, and one song like Victim of Changes or something.

TOPIC: Three new Priest songs
[Brent 27744] Saturday, December 11, 2010 7:21:40 AM 
How can we convince Priest to come out with some new material? It would be cool just to get 2 or 3 new songs released only through the Internet, like an iTunes exclusive or something. 2 or 3 final rockers to say goodbye. We need to hire a lobbyist to sell this plan!
TOPIC: Judas Priest Album 2011
[Brent 27744] Sunday, January 17, 2010 8:33:09 AM 
Has anyone heard--through the Priest vine--when JP will begin recording their next album?
TOPIC: Judas Priest Album 2011
[Brent 27744] Saturday, January 16, 2010 7:50:20 AM 
What kinds of songs do you want on the next Judas Priest album? Generally, I want variety, variety, variety. Specifically, I would like the following:

1.  A political song, something like "Savage" or "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll."

2. A mournful, ballad-type song, like "Eulogy" but expanded on.

3. A fast, all-out head-knocker, like "Jawbreaker" or "Riding on the Wind."

4. A drum-heavy song. Let Scott Travis just wig-out on the drums. Check out this video of War Pigs, where Bill Ward is beating the hell out of the drums: That's what I'm talking about!!!

5. An instrumental, where Tipton, Downing, Hill, and Travis each show case their instruments, equal time, for example, solos of each instrument included in the whole. 

6. An upbeat song, something like "Heading Out to the Highway," "Rock Hard, Ride Free," or "Reckless."

7. A love-gone-sour song, like "Devil's Child."

8. A totally weird song, with keyboards, synthesizers, pianos, flutes, psychedlic sounds, etc.

9. A song that tells a science fiction story, something like "Red Barchetta" from Rush.

10. A historically-themed song, something like "Hallowed Be Thy Name" from Iron Maiden.

Okay, what do you all think? And who's going to forward my ideas to Judas Priest?!? I'm sure they're on the edge of their seats...waiting for my brilliant plans for their next album!!     
TOPIC: Setlist Central 2008 Nostradams Tour JP
[Brent 27744] Saturday, August 09, 2008 1:40:14 PM 
Virginia concert was AWESOME...but...

I agree that the concert would be better without all the extra bands. One opening act is enough. I don't mean to disrespect the bands opening for Priest. I never got into Motorhead, but there were years where I listened to Testament and DIO (now in "Heaven and Hell") alot. I think they each have about 20 kick ass songs. But when I'm going to a Priest concert....I want to see as much Priest as I possibly can.

Loved the show, had a great time, but hopefully next time they'll just have one opening act and play a few more songs (they played 16 in Virginia, 20-22 would be better; hell, have a 30-minute intermission and do 30 songs!!).
TOPIC: Noise Curfew - Metal Masters Tour 2008 US
[Brent 27744] Saturday, August 09, 2008 1:38:00 PM 
I agree that the concert would be better without all the extra bands. One opening act is enough. I don't mean to disrespect the bands opening for Priest. I never got into Motorhead, but there were years where I listened to Testament and DIO (now in "Heaven and Hell") alot. I think they each have about 20 kick ass songs. But when I'm going to a Priest concert....I want to see as much Priest as I possibly can.

With that said, I still VERY much enjoyed the Virginia show on Aug. 7. Priest sounded awesome. Crystal-clear sound and Halford was flawless. Hopefully next time they'll just have one opening act and play a few more songs (they played 16 in Virginia).
TOPIC: Setlist Central 2008 Nostradams Tour JP
[Brent 27744] Friday, August 08, 2008 8:07:20 AM 
Saw Priest at Nissan Pavillion, Virginia last night. Place was packed, Priest sounded great, very good concert. They played the same setlist, minus "Sinner" and "Death." They finished close to 11:00, so they probably dropped those two songs so they could finish before a noise ordinance kicked in. But they didn't start playing 'til about 9:40. Too many bands for a week night show I think.

It was worth it just for "Devil's Child" and "Rock Hard, Ride Free." Wish they played more of the forgotten classics. Halford's voice on Painkiller sounded great, he was really hitting the high notes good (his voice really sounded flawless throughout the show).

So, it was great....the sound and musicianship was very, very tight. And for 16 songs, a good, diverse setlist.   
TOPIC: Setlist Central 2008 Nostradams Tour JP
[Brent 27744] Thursday, August 07, 2008 2:55:12 PM 

I'm going to the Virginia show tonight. I want to hear Starbreaker with a long drum solo in the middle. Can someone call up Priest and tell them to play it for me? "Invader" too. Starbreaker leading right into Invader...

"Look out here's Starbreaker, cruisin' into town....set his mind to stealin', every heart around..." Wooo hooo, I know they're going to play it for me!!

[Brent 27744] Tuesday, August 05, 2008 6:12:01 PM 

Hi Everybody,

Can a few people who have been to some of the recent concerts tell me about when Priest started to play? I'm going to their concert at Nissan Pavillion on Thursday, August 7th in Virginia, but because I live in Maryland and the concert is during a week night and I have to work I'd like to time my arrival about the same time Priest starts playing. I really don't care about seeing the other bands, no disrespect intended (if it was a weekend I might be more inclined for an all-night thing).

So, I'm thinking Priest will be playing from 9-11? Thanks for any help.  

TOPIC: Judas Priest are Great songwriters
[Brent 27744] Tuesday, August 05, 2008 6:04:35 PM 
I agree, though I think Priest was at their songwriting peak from 78-84. I mean, songs like Beyond the Realms, Savage, and the Sentinel (to name just a few) really show off their lyrical talent and creativiity. And songs like Killing Machine, Steeler, and Devil's Child really displayed some interesting and "mean" timing and melody choices and changes ("Hellrider" has some good timing/tempo changes too). I just think Priest had it all from 78-84; that's where they really displayed their musical talent, not just their "metal talent."
TOPIC: Greatest Metal Band Ever?
[Brent 27744] Tuesday, July 22, 2008 6:18:56 AM 
I don't think you can have a "greatest metal band ever." I think you have to limit it to periods. Black Sabbath was the greatest metal band up until about 1975 (I consider Led Zepelin to be hard rock). I think Priest was the greatest metal band from 1978-1984. Maybe Metallica from 85-90? Maiden is certainly very close, only a hair away.

I just don't see how the Priest albums from Stained Class through Defenders of the Faith can be beaten.  
TOPIC: Setlist Central 2008 Nostradams Tour JP
[Brent 27744] Wednesday, July 16, 2008 7:43:31 PM 

This the set list from one of Priest's shows:

01. Dawn of Creation
02. Prophecy
03. Metal Gods
04. Eat Me Alive
05. Between The Hammer And The Anvil
06. Devil's Child
07. Breaking The Law
08. Hell Patrol
09. Death
10. Dissident Aggressor
11. Angel
12. Hellion/Electric Eye
13. Rock Hard, Ride Free
14. Sinner
15. Painkiller
16. Hell Bent For Leather
17. Another Thing Coming 


I think this is an AWESOME set list!! Eat Me Alive?!? Rock Hard, Ride Free?!? Dissident Aggressor?!? Love it, love it 


[Brent 27744] Friday, July 11, 2008 2:22:55 PM 
Before the Rage:

I'm just curious, why don't you have "Screaming..." closer to the top? I'm curious because another poster put Defenders and Screaming in almost identical positions as you did. Is it because the album seemed just a hair commercial, or just because the ones you listed before Screaming it just really blow you away?

Screaming is many times considered their best, and I'm always curious when I see someone who doesn't have it ranked at or near the very top. I find it interesting when people have different reactions to movies or music than what you'd expect. 
TOPIC: 3 Songs You Want To Hear In 2008 Tour
[Brent 27744] Friday, July 11, 2008 5:46:05 AM 
Freek: Yeah, I actually think Solar Angels made it on to their regular set list sometime during the tour. I heard it in Atlantic City. I don't care for the song though, so I was like "umm....okay." But I've heard alot of people say they like it. 
[Brent 27744] Thursday, July 10, 2008 7:18:21 PM 
Rank the Priest albums from Best to "Least Best" (It's sacrilege to say "the worst"). To keep it simple, stick to regular studio releases, not live albums or dvds.

Here's my rank:

1. Defenders of the Faith
2. Screaming for Vengeance
3. Hell Bent for Leather
4. British Steel
5. Angel of Retribution
6. Stained Class
7. Painkiller
8. Nostradamus
9. Point of Entry
10. Sad Wings of Destiny
11. Turbo
12. Sin After Sin
13. Ram It Down
14. Rocka Rolla
15. Jugulator
16. Demolition
TOPIC: Glenn Tipton get-well thread
[Brent 27744] Thursday, July 03, 2008 6:14:08 PM 
Hey Glenn,

Glad to hear you're back on tour, but please take care of yourself. The concerts can wait--your health is number 1.  

Hope to see you working the strings in Virginia in August. 

TOPIC: Nostradamus; The downfall of Priest
[Brent 27744] Thursday, June 26, 2008 6:19:00 PM 
Well, at #11 on the Billboard 200 (as of June 26-2008), I doubt the album will be the downfall of Priest!!

I think it's a very good album. Look folks, they can't ALWAYS make songs like Painkiller and Freewheel Burning. Enjoy some slower tempo stuff. You just have to alter your expectations a little. 

For me...some songs work and some don't...but who cares. Give them credit for trying something new.
TOPIC: Nostradamus CD....what do you think?
[Brent 27744] Thursday, June 26, 2008 6:06:53 PM 
It's funny...a lot of people are complaining about the slow and mid-tempo songs, but those are my favorites. For example, the song "Nostradamus" doesn't do much for me, but I love "Alone" and "War." 

Also, some people have complained about "boring, unnecessary" acoustics and keyboards. LOL, I actually like them!

Just goes to show you how music is in the ear of the beholder. 
TOPIC: Nostradamus; The downfall of Priest
[Brent 27744] Wednesday, June 25, 2008 6:53:56 AM 
Nostradamus is NOT the downfall of Priest. 

The album is not one of my favorites from them, but a lot of people seem to like it. Also, Priest has had other albums heavily criticized and they end up surviving in the end. Every band has its ups and downs. A band as established as Priest can weather the criticism.
TOPIC: 3 Songs You Want To Hear In 2008 Tour
[Brent 27744] Monday, June 23, 2008 11:54:00 AM 
For those going to see Priest in concert, what 3 songs would you die to hear? If you search youtube it seems Priest is trying to play some classics that they normally don't.

My wishes are:

1. "Rock Hard, Ride Free" (which they've played this year--see youtube)
2. "Savage" (but I'm not holding my breath)
3. "Starbreaker," with drum solo!!
TOPIC: Best Song From Nostradamus
[Brent 27744] Monday, June 23, 2008 11:48:52 AM 
Hey Everybody,

If you had to pick a favorite from Nostradamus, what would it be?

My fav is "Alone." It hit me right from the start, and I haven't gotten bored with it after multiple listens. 
TOPIC: Nostradamus CD....what do you think?
[Brent 27744] Monday, June 23, 2008 11:43:24 AM 
Metal Jesus: You said the the only complaint that people can come up with is that it's too slow. I disagree (but I see where you're coming from). I think Nostradamus is a very good album, but not great. I actually like the mid-tempo. The keyboards and orchestrations give it a great feel and I like Halford's more restrained, soulful voice. The lyrics are great sometimes and only ok at other times. But--as much as it pains me to say--I'm not being hooked with the guitar harmonies and solos. I've listened to the album many, many times, but only a few songs hit me right from the start and only a few more have grown on me.

I still applaud the band for trying something different...I think they were moderately successful in doing so. Some goods, some bads. I would put this album in the middle of the pack with the other Priest albums. I still support them 100%. I'm seeing them in concert later this summer for, I think, the 5th time. I hope they come out with at least one more album.
TOPIC: Nostradamus CD....what do you think?
[Brent 27744] Saturday, June 21, 2008 5:25:48 PM 
Spapad: I agree. "Alone" is my favorite song on the album.
TOPIC: Nostradamus CD....what do you think?
[Brent 27744] Saturday, June 21, 2008 9:32:25 AM 

After listening to Nostradamus many times, I think it's a very good album. I'd be lying if I said every song grabs me or that I think it's a masterpiece. But I really appreciate Priest trying something different and using new sounds. I like the moody, gothic sounds, the mid-tempo, and Halford's restrained voice--gives the album some soul. "Alone" is my favorite, and I also like "War," "Conquest," "Persecution," and "Exiled." I will add these 5 to my Priest favorites. 

TOPIC: 5 favourite Nostradamus songs
[Brent 27744] Saturday, June 21, 2008 9:17:48 AM 
The 5 best songs are:

1. Alone
2. War
3. Exiled
4. Persecution
5. Conquest
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