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TOPIC: Why Is Westfest 15 in NZ not on tour Dates ?
[Scott Gavin] Friday, October 24, 2014 2:55:56 PM 
 P.s, I take back all my Doubts re the ReDeemer single. I still think its the weakest track, but jesus they knockeD it out of the park with this album. Gotta be my favourite after Killing Machine !
TOPIC: Why Is Westfest 15 in NZ not on tour Dates ?
[Scott Gavin] Friday, October 24, 2014 2:50:18 PM 
 HI all. Not wanting to sounD like a panic merchant here, but why is the March 3 2015 AucklanD , New ZealanD concert not listeD on the tour itinerary ?
New listings are. We have not haD a great history with Priest gigs here so I'm hoping its an oversight & not anything sinister ( conspiracy theories anyone !).
I bought my wife & I's tickets because I saw it on & with LOG on the bill too , sealeD the Deal ( note; LOG not officially anounceD for Westfest either although they are on the poster on
Probably nothing to it ? ( sorry can't Do small ' D's' for some reason !)

TOPIC: "Redeemer of Souls" track
[Scott Gavin] Tuesday, April 29, 2014 1:19:07 AM 
 OK. Have now bought the single on itunes and had 2 more listens, it has grown on me a bit. Couple of nice solos in there, i'm always listening for Rob to do something a bit different, so maybe thats my initial disapointment. Cover art is good and apparently theres 18 tracks on the album, a lot to look forward to ! Hate myself for always overplaying the first song released to death cos then when you listen to the album that one song always seems to stick out. ! I will attempt to restrain myself until July !
TOPIC: "Redeemer of Souls" track
[Scott Gavin] Tuesday, April 29, 2014 12:53:04 AM 
 On first listen it sounds like an outtake from the Nostradamus sessions. Even my wife who loves that album thought it was ho-hum. It may grow on me, but it has none of the
heavyness that Revolution had as a taster for AOR, and certainly not the majesty and ferocity that Nostradamus had when it came out as the teaser track for that album.
A generic sounding track and title , and given the bands history of killer title tracks, seems fairly weak.
Hoping it was just a poor choice [ maybe by the label and not the band ] and that subsequent songs redeem the wait ! Not as strong as anything off "Made of Metal ".
This is my favourite band and I can't wait to hear and buy the album but  fingers crossed this is the weakest song on there.
TOPIC: Priest Live in the UK!
[Scott Gavin] Friday, August 12, 2011 3:44:48 AM 
 No one was a prouder Megadeth fan than me, I thought they shat all over Metallica in the late '80's. Mustaine was the real deal. A hard living substance abuser who spat viscious lyrics about political and religious corruption. I don't care that some of his upbringing was supposedly religious. This was the guy that sang and played what I was feeling as a teenager. As a staunch anti-theist, he was my idol, I even met him a couple of times [ that said, he looked awful on both occasions! as did I actually !] . Its not always about the songs [ I do love Sleepwalkers] . If I don't believe in the conviction of the artistt, I just don't believe ! I love Slayer to death, but Araya saying he's Catholic kinda takes the sting out of God Hates Us All [ Kerry's tattoo does reddeem them though !] And as for Metallica - never have a metal head's dreams been so shattered. To think I bought all the singles of Load and thrashed it to death - praying [sic]  somehow it would get better ! Betrayers ! ... and to see a reborn Hetfield with his off the shelf tattoos [ especially the 'Faith' logo ] . They can go f**k themselves. Newsted leaving was the end of any integrity that Rock n' Roll Wal-mart of schlock had. Metal is the antithesis of Religion and conformity. Stryper had more integrity than Metallica do now. I'm not criticising playing ability, Mustaine's got that in spades. He wowed me in Auckland in 2009 - almost stole the show from Slayer. Its an integrity thing. Who me, rant ? Never ! Bah humbug and May The Priest Be With You
TOPIC: Priest Live in the UK!
[Scott Gavin] Thursday, August 11, 2011 3:39:17 AM 
 Priest's promoters have failed them miserably for many years. Flying across the Tasman, my wife and I saw them in Sydney at Acer Arena in 2008 and there were around 7000 fans at a venue that holds around 16000. Thats a lot of people making a lot of noise, but as a fan it kind of hits you in the guts that its not heaving with people. They could have booked the Sydney Entertainment Centre which holds about 10000 and with a slightly cheaper ticket price, had a sellout. I think the guys are used to playing to half full arenas - and it makes the decision to only play festival dates in the future sensible, as they get to headline or be 2nd to top of bill, and play to sellout houses. Comparisons to Maiden are only valid in that they had a similar lead singer shuffle in the 1990s/2000's. Go support Priest, at least you won't have the mincing air-guitaring spastic Janick Gers  ruining every maiden song that he never played on. When is Adrian Smith going to club him to death ? Still, at least at this stage they haven't become christian groups like Megadeth or worse Metallica.
TOPIC: Email Survey
[Scott Gavin] Thursday, July 14, 2011 3:29:24 AM 
 Just did survey. Seems like we are getting sized up for a collection of  old , new , live stuff as fan club only release. Its all good, let them be pro active. Also love the way Ian has stepped up to the plate. I've never read so many interviews with the guy. He's the best
TOPIC: Farewell Priest
[Scott Gavin] Monday, December 20, 2010 12:49:13 AM 
hey all, haven't posted for a long time. Interesting to hear what you're all saying. I'm still loving the live cd from the British steel rerelease [ only weak performance Freewheel Burning]. Its just the best, gives me goosebumps every time. If that were the last thing they ever did , then thats sweet with me. However, not being a regular web browser, but just an occasional Priest/Metal watcher, I thought I might pass on what I had noted and what I predict.
Rob [ whose new cd I bought myself for Xmas today] has said several times recently that he and Ken and Glenn would get together over Xmas to decide what they were doing, He even said they might do a Painkiller tour Or new material. KK's website just yesterday [from a Novemebr post] talks about getting together again for yet another tour next year, no mention of it being the last.
So, methinks either Glenn or Ian has called it quits on the live front, probably the latter [ Satan bless him]. I only think this because although Glenn is I think the oldest , he looks the youngest of the older 4 and treats Priest like his baby. Good on them. One last big tour to bring in some dough for retirement [ I will happily give to this worthy cause ]. If it is the total end, I would be surprised. I suspect there will be one more studio album [ Epitaph ; anyone ?] as they have 6 months before the tour even starts, and it may run up to anywhere from 18months to 2 years. [ ref AC DC Black Ice and also Rob's comments it will run well into 2012]. They may even do further studio albums .So don't panic, enjoy. Try and see them, feel enriched by them as I do daily, and celebrate them. They have heaps left to give, remember the acoustic stuff that never came out on the Retribution tour ? There will be live DVDs/blu-rays , cds , re releases, documentary's - hell maybe even a movie. I will always be grateful I got to see them once [ and the mortgage it gave me !].
Would love to see a Priest/Motorhead/Slayer/Mastadon type arena/festival bill in Australasia early 2012.
Heavy Metal : Fuel For Life

TOPIC: A Touch Of Evil Live reviews
[Scott Gavin] Thursday, August 13, 2009 6:41:35 PM 
Really like the new live album. I thought the idea of individual songs rather than a full gig would suck, but I actually quite like it. Totally agree that Painkiller is vocally weak [ although I hate to say that, and no disrespect intended]. Tracks I head to first are Hellrider , which I never liked before - especially love the drums coming in at the start and the last note, Hammer and the Anvil, and Eat me Alive. I think Touch Of Evil the song is passable, but the version from the Valencia DVD would have been better though it is older. I've never liked Death much, but its probably better in the live version, I probably would have dropped that, Painkiller and Touh of Evil, and added Hell Patrol and Devils Child, maybe Angel. Its got a nice rich sound thanks to Mr. Allom, and I hope they use him for the next studio album. Great photo of the full stage, in which Rob appears to be laughing - and Ian doesn't appear at all [ but hes like that!]
TOPIC: Touch of Evil (Live) - Preview clips
[Scott Gavin] Monday, June 08, 2009 1:18:37 AM 
Just heard the clips. Painkiller sounds more unusual than bad. On the Rising in the East dvd, Rob wobbled a bit at the begining but was like a man possessed at the end. Its great to finally get a live album, but I agree his voice was far superior last year compared to 2005, and songs like Devils Child and Angel , and Hell Patrol just went off at Sydney last year. Its an uncomfortable collection, and the cover looks like its a throwback to the Ripper era. A strange stop-gap release as they continue into their 2nd year on the road. I would rather have got a whole gig, stuff-ups and all. But like the rest of you, I'll take anything from the Priest with gratitude [ even if this one does leave me scratching my head!].
TOPIC: Nostradamus tour petiton
[Scott Gavin] Thursday, March 19, 2009 1:45:06 AM 
Sign my wife and me up, we flew to a different country last year to see them last year mainly because my wife discovered them through Nostrodamus[ the cd not the seer!] . Don't let this album fade away!
TOPIC: What would you like on the new live album?
[Scott Gavin] Thursday, March 19, 2009 1:39:11 AM 
Full wording of plate is ; HEAVY METAL FUEL FOR LIFE

Judas is in black, with the other words in dark blue, has a silver border. Actually saw a Daimler on the motorway the other day, had the plate SABATH ! Bummer plates can't have more letters. I really wanted PRIEST, but it was gone [ 5 years ago this was], could've got PR1EST or PRIE5T, but I hate plates like that.
TOPIC: What would you like on the new live album?
[Scott Gavin] Thursday, March 19, 2009 1:21:31 AM 
And hello to you, I think there are at least 3 of us on here, although I thought I was the only one for a couple of years. Don't know where in the country you are, but if in Auckland you can spot me by my liscence plate - JUDAS. Popular with other motorists! I also seem to the the only person on the entire web who uses their real name [ well it would be a stupid name to make up].
TOPIC: What would you like on the new live album?
[Scott Gavin] Wednesday, March 18, 2009 2:29:14 AM 
Yeah New Zealand has a primeminister, but Priest for Prime minister doesn't have the same ring to it. Notice they've anounced Us dates, I guess Nostrodamus bites the dust. Shame. Still as long as they're touring,I might see them again yet. Whitesnake is an ideal support for them, expect Us tour to do great business. What happened to 'Alone'. the video, the competition, the single, etc, Still waiting, thats why I take all they say with a grain of salt [ in the nicest possible way!]. Saw Iron Maiden here in Auckland three weeks ago, bit of a dissapointment, although crowd was five times the size of their last show here in 93. Too much Dianno stuff [ as much as I like it], it was quiet enough to talk during songs, and Janick Gers is a total retard - he spent the whole show pretending to play the guitar, hes a great player when needed, but he should've sat this tour out.
TOPIC: What would you like on the new live album?
[Scott Gavin] Friday, March 13, 2009 1:12:43 AM 
I wrote a huge message for this post last night, but at the end it said I hadn't logged on [ which I had!] so to log on I lost the message! Can't be bothered repeating the whole thing again, so heres the abridged version. I would be stunned if there was a live album. There won't be one featuring Exciter - cos if it did, it would have to be a hideous amalgam of the last two tours which are four/five years apart. Arguably Rob's voice is much better these days, comparing say Rising In the East, to seeing him live last year - and on youtube. If a live album does come out, I would say its a stop-gap measure and kiss goodbye to any Nostrodamus shows. The setup costs of a limited run show like that would be enormous. I would prefer to see a two night stand at the Royal Albert Hall, with guests like Don Airey, Tim Owens, Dio and Bruce Dickinson , resulting in a live dvd /2cd combo. I would cross the known universe for that gig.
As to Revolution [ What is this?] Its just about my favourite Priest song is what it is. It is the only song I have ever downloaded [ ever! legally or oherwise ] I adore the bass at the beginning, and its still gives me a chill remembering the first time I ever heard it as it was the first thing released with Rob back on board. It is a little from leftfield I'll grant you that.

Whatever, thats my two cents worth . Priest for president!
TOPIC: Brand new JUDAS PRIEST tribute cd...
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, September 20, 2008 4:32:00 PM 
Whats up with using Iron Maidens font for the writing on the cover, shame they went cheap on that!
TOPIC: Sydney Australia Gig
[Scott Gavin] Sunday, September 14, 2008 12:44:19 AM 
I was there too with my wife. Show went off allright! We were gold reserve standing [ not that it mattered as all tickets were $ 60 for the last couple of weeks so you could have gone where ever you wanted]. Was happy to stand at the back of the front section, but my wife said no and dragged me up to ... the front. No kidding , right on the barrier, front row. I hadn't done that since I was a teenager, there were plenty of gaps in the crowd so it was pretty easy to get there. Rob and the guys were literally about 4 feet away, it was insane and I am unable to digest the fact quite yet. It was a hell of a trip, we only had 5 hours sleep out of 48, and it ended up costing us close to $3000 but it was so worth it. Gig was awesome, setlist was exactly the same as rest of tour so unfortunately no surprises. Felt bad for the guys in the bars before hand all singing Turbo Lover, seems a lot of people wanted to hear that. Faultless performance, on time, on the money. Couldn't believe the singalong to Angel and Green Manalishi. Painkiller was crushingly [literally] intense in the front row. Robs voice was perfect, he's surely got 10 more years in him. Highlight for me was KK lifting Rob's arm up for another round of applause at the end, he looked truly humbled by the roar of the crowd. Another funny bit, possibly only visible from the front was during the crowd sing-along before You gotta ... , Scott was already behind the drums and Glenn kept trying to walk out from the curtain stage right but Rob wouldn't stop the sing-along and they shared a laugh. Great feeling on stage, they really did seem happy to be there [ as others have said]. Brilliant, god-like performance and one of the highpoints of my life, would do it all again in a heartbeat [although I may have to sell my heart to afford it!].
Met two Kiwis on the train on the way there, and another on the train after. Must have been a few of us made the trek over [ and to Brisbane and Melbourne probably too]. Great to get the world tour shirt which includes New Zealand!
Whole thing was magic and totally surreal from start to finish. Awesome! Yeah, what the hell happened to Cavalera Conspiracy?
TOPIC: To all Scot Travis lovers...
[Scott Gavin] Monday, September 08, 2008 2:09:16 AM 
Hey Angry, do you know if Cavalera Conspiracy is playing support at Sydney, I can't see any mention of them anywhere. Sorry the query is off your topic. Cheers
TOPIC: Why does he smoke?
[Scott Gavin] Monday, September 08, 2008 1:45:24 AM 
One could argue that Lemmy sounds the way he does because of smoking, course he needs lots of Jack and Coke to sooth his throat, I believe he's mediacting himself. Alcohol and tar are obviously great preservatives!
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, August 23, 2008 5:22:01 PM 
After the Auckland , New Zealand show was cancelled I decided my wife and I were literally going to go for broke [ or is that go broke!] and fly to Sydney to see Priest. I used our ticket refunds to get the tickets, much the same dollar value. Had to save up for a few weeks to afford the airfare/hotel package, in that time the package went up in value by $700.00! Obviously this is because the further out you book the cheaper it is, and we're now left catching a 7:00am flight which means we have to get up at like 3:30am. To top it all off, I just checked the ticketek website to see if any of the Australian gigs were sold out [ or cancelled], to find that all tickets for the Sydney show are now AUS$60.00! Nice, thats less than half price, in fact I could have bought both my wife and I's tickets for $29.00 less than the price of one! None of this is Priest or their managements fault, merely the economics of trying to fill venues that are too large for the band, big enough for the stage, but vastly over-ambitious in terms of ticket sales. I'm sure this is why the Auckland gig was cancelled early on as they had probably only sold say 1500 tickets and needed say 4000/5000 to break even by a certain date out from the gig.. I'm not really complaining, you can't put a dollar value on this experience, but to have lost nearly a grand on the deal so far, they better not cancel the gig, as usual all my arrangements bar the actual tickets, are non-refundable. That said, we're still going to be staying at the Langham hotel in Auckland on the 7th, the night Priest were supposed to play Auckland. All digits still crossed for Sydney. 19 sleeps to go!
TOPIC: What if Priest played all of Nostradamus live?
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, August 09, 2008 11:46:50 PM 
I can tell you right now that my wife would camp out over night for tickets and buy them for everyone she knows. She has never been a Priest fan, but after one casual listen to their new album is now obssessed with it, and listens to nothing else. Shes now flying to Sydney with me to see them, even though they only play two songs off it. Actually, its probably close to being my favourite album of theirs now to. I agree its aften a mistake for bands to play whole albums live, but this I would love to see. Beefed up with a string section , keyboards , revolving stage, multimedia - the whole nine yards. Live at Albert Hall. Fantastic. By the way, My sister and Brother and Law live in Kent, small world!
TOPIC: Noise Curfew - Metal Masters Tour 2008 US
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, August 09, 2008 11:34:26 PM 
Its amazing to hear you guys slagging off legendary bands like motorhead, I've seen them twice in the past two years and they don't do a bad show. The crowds here are getting bigger and younger each time, Lemmy is a true rock monster [ and he's funny as hell!]. You don't know how lucky you are. I've learnt as I get older, to drink less and rock out more. Get 6 or 7 beers in and go see it, at least I can remember what I saw these days. Would love to see Testament, they've never been here, I've liked them since 1989, I see they're playing Australia again for the 2nd time in 18 months! As for Heaven & Hell, consumate performers, if a little boring. When they played Auckland last year [ with Down] they only did 9 songs, as the headliners, and the show [ presumably ] was cut short by a fire alarm. If they hadn't been playing the turgid Heaven & Hell song for 25 fuckin' minutes, we could have heard another 5 songs! Be grateful for what you get, and never miss Motorhead, they are an aquired taste [ took me about 20 years to fully appreciate them] but once you get them , you love em. I do agree you should be getting a full set though, thats a rip off.
TOPIC: Your latest Priest purchase
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, August 02, 2008 10:44:38 PM 
Got 2 t-shirts off The painkilles black & white metal god one, and the Halford logo on front ' resurrection to reunion' back, and one metal-god one for my son, as we are still waiting for one ordered from the Priest online store 3 months ago, I gave him this one and my other son has the AOR tour one [ they're 5 & 7]. Going to get the Nostrodamus world tour one next from the new Priest online store or billboard , since as the Auckland gig was cancelled [ though its doubtful it was ever going to happen anyway] at least New Zealand appears on the back of the shirt. That should make it a collectors edition, like the Iron Maiden world slavery tour t-shirt with Auckland on it, though they never came then either!
TOPIC: Knew it was too good to be true
[Scott Gavin] Friday, August 01, 2008 6:51:55 PM 
Have gold standing tickets [ well they're booked anyway] for Sydney, will book flights and accomodation when Wife and I next get paid, or we could start rowing now! Thanks to those of you who sent private messages of condolence. Its like there's been a death in the Family! [ yeah, the credit card!]. Will miss the hourly plugs for the Priest concert on Radio Hauraki - but won't listen to them again - traitors! Rock on.
P.s. Angry Rocker, was it the Sydney show you were going to?
TOPIC: Knew it was too good to be true
[Scott Gavin] Friday, August 01, 2008 6:40:43 PM 
Thought I was the only Kiwi on here, nice to know I'm not 'Alone'. I feel pretty sure they didn't sell enough tickets. I reckon Dainty Entertainment said, well lets put an Auckland date out there and if we can shift say 4000/5000 tickets by the 30th of July then its a go show. My bet [ and knowing Kiwi rock fans tend to wait till the last minute] is that they had probably sold about 1800/2000 tickets and Dainty got cold feet. Unfortunately they would never have filled Vector Arena, with the stage at one end , thats still about 10,000 tickets, I figure they would have done about 5000/6000 like Kiss at the Supertop in 97. In the dark, they probably would've been alright. I mean most other veteran acts coming down here play the Logan Campbell centre, which only takes about 3000. Can't see them fitting a stage show in there. No, I think this was a one off punt to see if there was a market here, and there wasn't. Didn't help that Disturbed anounced a huge multi-act show for two nights after, or that Def Leppard tickets went on sale a few days later. The Hauraki guys are wankers, they've never played a Priest song in the 20 years I've listened to them [ on and off, they're so repetitive], playing 'another thing comin' in the background as you cancel the show doesn't count. No, Sydneys my only shot, I'll be sure to let you know how it went, and which organs I sold to pay for it. I don't imagine they'll sell out any Australian shows either, plenty of tickets on sale, but cities like Sydney are that much bigger [ although Brisbane and Perth aren't!]
TOPIC: Knew it was too good to be true
[Scott Gavin] Friday, August 01, 2008 3:09:20 AM 
Hey guys, really appreciate your thoughts. When we first heard they were finally coming to NZ my wife said she had never seen me so happy, that I was walking on air. [ which is true, as we are under considerable stress right now, economy wise]. Something was not right the whole way through though. For one thing, there was never a link through this site for tickets, the only date like that except Korea. Second, no VIP tickets. Third, the floor was all standing when all the comparable venues in Australia are partially seated. Fourth,the ticket prices were the same as Australia, when once converted they should have been higher. Fifth, the Auckland date was added about two weeks after the Australian shows were on sale [ and once I'd begun planning a trip to OZ!]. Finally [ although I'm missing something I'm sure!], you'll notice the New Zealand date has dissapeared from the tour schedule alltogether, it doesn't say cancelled like Croatia etc, just dissapeared [ insert X-Files theme here!].
I'm gutted, suspicious .... and going to Sydney, 'cos I just bought a ticket for my wife and I , 'cos lifes too fucking short and Rob's 57! You only live once right! Wil be the first time our baby daughter has been without us overnight and its a big outlay [ nearly $2000 - seeing as we've already lost our non-refundable luxury hotel night in Auckland!] especially for about 30 hours overseas, but I swore black and blue, that if Priest ever made it as far down as Australia [ less than 3hr flight] I'd go, well, we're going, even if it means our kids won't eat till Christmas [ actually they wanna go too!]. Thanks all, the mystery deepens [ Ticketmaster told me they'd sold heaps of tickets, so who knows]
TOPIC: Knew it was too good to be true
[Scott Gavin] Tuesday, July 29, 2008 11:39:17 PM 
My dreaded fear has been realised. Priest have cancelled their Auckland show on Sept 7th. Must say I'm crushed, [ although I had a gut feeling this was going to happen]. Always thought they would be hard pressed to fill an arena here, or even to get here after the Vegas show a few days before. Biggest bummer is my wife and I booked a room at the Hotel we thought they would be staying at in the hope our paths might cross. Can't cancel that. AAaarrrggghhh !!
TOPIC: Nostradamus; The downfall of Priest
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, July 26, 2008 5:04:59 PM 
Hey there. I made very similar comments to all of yours when AOR came out [ excluding references to Revolution which I adore, even if the vocal is a little strained in parts]. The War video is terrible, the song is passable but they would never play it live because arguably there are no real instruments on it. Sounds like keyboards , sequencers and a drum machine to me [ not that I care, just making the point]. Visions is a poppier sounding track, probably the best shot at getting some airplay. I agree Alone would have been a better single/video. The song is a clear winner, just scroll through these postings and its probably mentioned in 2 out of 3. The band would be wise to harness this interest/popularity and push the song to rock radio. It is a little long but they could do a radio edit. I also agree that they need to play at least one more song from the album in the setlist, and I also agree that they should substitute Death for Alone or Persecution, would also have preferred Nostrodamus to Prohecy. I wonder if this is all down to tuning and production reasons [ not to mention Robs desire for theatricality!]. I remember Ripper saying they could never do Cathedral Spires live due to the fact they tune their instruments to a certain level [ someone here will know what I mean!] Still hoping that by the Auckland show they will beef up the set maybe with LAM , Revolution or Deal with ... , and maybe one more Nostrodamus song, but not holding my breath [ and who cares anyway?] 42 sleeps to go ... don't break a leg guys!
TOPIC: Setlist Central 2008 Nostradams Tour JP
[Scott Gavin] Friday, July 18, 2008 2:28:10 AM 
Remeber that these are festival shows so naturally the setlist is cropped. I would be dissapointed if when they play their headline shows in New Zealand, Australia , Japan etc they don't add another 3 or 4 songs. At a guess; Touch Of Evil, Revolution, Living after midnight, and maybe Deal with the Devil. Would assume US and Canada will miss out as well, as all those shows are essentially festiva shows with 4 bands on the bill. We'll see I guess.
TOPIC: "NOSTRADAMUS" debuts at #11 in the States!!
[Scott Gavin] Friday, July 11, 2008 5:56:12 PM 
Nostrodamus has dropped from #40 to #88 on the Billboard Hot200 album chart. The fact that it has remained on there for 3 weeks now, should see it as being regarded as more successful than AOR which only lasted 2 if I remember correctly [ happy to be corrected]. It has dropped from #6 to #12 on the European charts in its second week. No idea what actual sales figures are, but would expect them to be lower than AOR even though it is charting better, as that is the way the market is now with downloads [ which are counted - but ripping copies for your mates isn't!].
[Scott Gavin] Thursday, July 10, 2008 11:34:20 PM 
Obviously these rankings change , but consistently Priest ... Live has been my favourite album for 20 years, if just for the huge crowd sound, always give me goosebumps, even if the setlist isn't the greatest at times. Outside of that, heres my current ranking;

1] Killing Machine
2] Defenders of the faith
3] Nostrodamus
4] Painkiller
5] Angel of reitrubution
6] Briyish Steel
7] Ram it down
8] Screaming for vengeance
9] Point if entry
10] Sin after sin]
11] demolition
12] Rocka rolla
13] Jugulator
14] Sad wings ...
TOPIC: "NOSTRADAMUS" debuts at #11 in the States!!
[Scott Gavin] Thursday, July 10, 2008 11:26:54 PM 
Hot 100 is the pop singles chart. I have posted about the chart positions elsewhere [ for 'tis a hobby of mine].Revolution is their highest charting single and that was on the modern rock singles chart. Honestly why they don't just have one singles and one albums chart is beyond me, but it makes fun reading if you like these kinds of things
TOPIC: 5 favourite Nostradamus songs
[Scott Gavin] Wednesday, July 09, 2008 10:24:36 PM 
Sands Of time/ Pestilence And Plague
Future Of Mankind

Would have been easier to ask what songs we didn't like, there'd only be about none of them. Liking Hope/New Beginnings more and more too. 59 days to Auckland gig. Disturbed and Def Leppard now challenging Priest for ticket bookings at the arena here , bastards. [ although I am going to Def Leppard!]
TOPIC: Nostradamus; The downfall of Priest
[Scott Gavin] Monday, July 07, 2008 12:16:28 AM 
Review from the New Zealand Herald [ the countrys biggest daily newspaper].

Four stars [ out of 5]

One of the most influential metal bands ever builds a concept around one of the greatest seers into an epic and sprawling Nostra-drama. Its not the future of rock n' roll but bombastic never sounded quite so fantastic. ipod essential : Death.

Couldn't agree more, and for those complaining about the tempo of the songs, I would argue that most of their songs are this tempo, its the ones that aren't that stand out [ like er ... Nostrodamus for example.] It may be a bit more lightweight, soft even, but what, ... Living after midnight isn't? most of turbo isn't, Last rose of summer isn't?. You don't have to love it, I don't like turbo, most of point of entry, and even a lot of Screaming. I think its obvious that its a polarising album, that in ten or fifteen years people will still be talking about [ and thats the sign of a classic .... , or a disaster - now I'm confusing myself!] Like it or lump it, thats the curse of the Priest fan.
TOPIC: Nostradamus; The downfall of Priest
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, July 05, 2008 4:29:02 PM 
Its 'cos we forget to! Future of mankind is my new favourite.My Wife thinks its very reminiscent of Floyd's The Wall. Responding to criticisms that Scott's drumming has been 'phoned in' as it were, or is a drum machine [ on some songs this may be the case, but only ones where there is hardly any percussion], or that Ian Hill is invisible on the album [ also valid on some songs] this song proves them wrong. Its funny all the criticisms I hear, remind me of how I felt the FIRST time I heard the album, and I sort of thought they might have a point, but now I've been listening to it for a couple of weeks, you can hear new things all the time; the bass lines, the drum fills, the harmonies and Rob's backing vocals. People criticising the album have obviously only listened to it once [ at a stretch twice] and haven't given it its due. That is also a poor way to review any piece of music. I really do prefer disc 2 over one [ hard call though] seems like hit after hit; Exile, Alone [ which should be a legitimate chart hit], visions, Nostrodamus and Future Of Mankind. Its like a greatest hits already, even my kids love it [ which makes a lovely change from crazy frog and hip hop!].
TOPIC: Nostradamus; The downfall of Priest
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, July 05, 2008 1:17:14 AM 
Rather than putting a negative spin on it, the fact that Nostrodamus is selling strongly enough to spend a second week in the US Top 40 is very encouraging. Not only did AOR enter the charts two places lower, it plummeted to somewhere like No.67 the following week, and then dissapeared out of the top 100. All unit sales across the board are lower so that argument is fatuous and irrelevant. It looks like Nostrodamus could spend a few more weeks in the US charts, hopefully boosted by the US tour starting in two weeks. Hopefully they'll add songs like Alone and Persecution to the setlist and drop the ponderous [ if atmospheric] Death. We have just bought a third copy of it [ one was a gift for a friend], as the version I burnt off for my wife has all the tracks individualised so there is a 'stop' in between each song. Great anti-piracy ploy, but we were happy to buy again, cheaper in NZ than on Amazon US anyway! Radio stations here really plugging the album and the show, big posters up in central Auckland, its like a dream come true.
TOPIC: Nostradamus; The downfall of Priest
[Scott Gavin] Sunday, June 29, 2008 1:40:32 AM 
Yeah, gotta agree with you there. Painkiller is totally overrated. Its great alright, the production is superb, but I can remember to this day buying it and it kinda just left me cold, and peoples blinkered use of it as Priest's ultimate recording despite its lack of real classics betrays the rest of their back catalogue. Every time I listen to it I'm impressed, but I rarely choose to listen to it. Love the title track, Touch Of Evil etc even Leather rebel [ possibly their daftest title]. Likewise Turbo [ or Turd-bo as some call it down here], have probably listened to it maybe three times. That said I love the live versions on Priest ... Live, particularly Rock You All Round The World, which I always put on Priest compilations I make for people, and even the turgid and juvenile Parental Guidance which was really beneath them in their mid 30's no less. AOR was great but not a killer, and in time Nostrodamus may probably be viewed the same way. I think a key difference with it maybe is that its damn catchy, the 2 titular songs, plague & pestilence, war, alone , visions are all melodic catchy songs and were it not for the subject matter and length, could probably have been singles. In fact to me, Alone sounds more like a Halford band song. Its a cracker album that gets better with each listen, people need to be patient and give it time, god knows they've got 150 odd other songs you can rock your socks off too, just take this for what it is or wait for the next one in 2-3 years.
TOPIC: 5 favourite Nostradamus songs
[Scott Gavin] Friday, June 27, 2008 7:10:11 PM 
Its impossible to choose when the songs are so fresh, and to my ear all sound so good. Its easier for me to say I haven't got a song I DON'T like, whereas with AOR I instantly didn't much like Wheels Of Fire, just cos it was a bit dated and cheesy sounding, but I never skip past it, all Priest material is worth listening to [ except maybe Don't Go, but even it has a curiosity value], if you as a fan don't like it, it will be the favourite of the next Priest-head in line.
TOPIC: Nostradamus CD....what do you think?
[Scott Gavin] Friday, June 27, 2008 6:59:55 PM 
Having now listened to Nostrodamus several times, the second disc the most, I'd have to say I absolutely love it. My wife who normally tells me to turn it down or off wants a copy for her car. Even my kids like it. Honestly if this album had come out in the early 80's it probably would have sold millions of copies. I understand how people may be bored/irritated by the twiddly interludes, WASP's Crimson Idol always bugged me for the same reason. But to me this album is different, it isn't the album you put on to rock out [ although in places you can] but we put it on last night to kick back and have a few drinks [ just as KK predicted we should], and ended up listening to and talking about it for six hours. Alone, as others have said, is a standout track. I do miss the high pitched scream, but the one on Nostrodamus the song, more than makes up for it. Its great, only time will tell if it becomes my favourite Priest album [ Its impossible to choose as they all have their own merits], but I'm delighted that the band stepped outside the square to make it.
TOPIC: Nostrodamus Chart Positions
[Scott Gavin] Thursday, June 26, 2008 7:17:34 PM 
Some updated global chart entry positions;

US #11 [ as I'm sure you know by now]

Canada #9

Finland #3

Spain #26

New Zealand #31 [apologies I bought mine off Amazon US]

Germany #5

Be interesting to find out Japan's position, as they usually chart well there.
Great to finally hear Priest on the radio down here, if only in advertising form for the concert, the ad must be on 6 0r 7 times an hour. Great adrenalin rush each time I hear it, only snippets of the song Nostrodamus in the background sometimes, but still makes you feel proud to be a longtime fan.
TOPIC: Nostradamus; The downfall of Priest
[Scott Gavin] Wednesday, June 25, 2008 11:11:50 PM 
Odd, odd topic. But I'll throw my 10 cents in if you'll accept New Zealand currency! Just got the album yesterday [ both copies - deluxe and standard] and just listened to it this afternoon. Love it, no cheese so far at all. Delighted that this is 'my ' band, they're back, top of the charts, doing something different, and that its a challenging listen. Its fun, brooding, dark and powerful. Just cos there isn't another ' another thing comin'' doesn't make it suck. It has artistic merit, and in the future may well be regarded as one of their best. I'm still recovering from the fact Rob came back, followed by AOR, followed with this new Album, and now they're playing in New Zealand for the first time ever! Priest feast indeed, ya gotta love these guys. Honestly if it all stopped after this tour, it would have been the best ride ever. Fantastic
TOPIC: "NOSTRADAMUS" debuts at #11 in the States!!
[Scott Gavin] Wednesday, June 25, 2008 11:02:21 PM 
Hate to burst your bubble, but this will be its highest position [ and may Ian Hill break my legs if I'm wrong]. Obviously presale orders didn't soar as high as expected, but its a terrific result anyway, but it will be downhill from here sadly. As you can see cd sales are diminishing year by year. Just got the album today, and love it it, its a journey not an album [ missing the high pitched scream a bit, but beggars can't ... etc.
TOPIC: Nostrodamus Chart Positions
[Scott Gavin] Tuesday, June 24, 2008 12:34:23 AM 
Cds don't sell the way they used to. I'm sure Angel ... sold less than 200,000 in the US, it was only in the hot 100 for 2 weeks. High chart placings are often due to pre orders, and fans of metal [like me] often preorder, if you check Amazon you would have seen Nostrodamus was already in the top 100 general music sales weeks ago based on orders alone. It will probably debut in the lower half of the top ten , then drop off after a couple of weeks [ even though we wish it would go five times platinum]!. I have always found it curious though that Painkiller isn't platinum, only because if you go back in the Billboard 10yrs,20yrs ago section , it used to show Painkiller as being gold when it was still in the top 40 and when it had only been out a few weeks. I would have thought that slowly racking up sales over the years would have eventually given it platinum sales status [ and as it seems so popular now, even among casual Priest fans]. I'm sure Nielsen Soundscan has all this data, but I never seem to be able to get at it. Priest press releases when Worth Fighting For came out, said AOR had sold over 500,000 copies worldwide and counting.
TOPIC: Nostrodamus Chart Positions
[Scott Gavin] Monday, June 23, 2008 4:50:48 PM 
News starting to roll in of where Nostrodamus is debuting internationally. Australian Charts No.#16 , British Charts No.#30 [ Angel Of Retribution was #39!]. Chart pundits are predicting a US Top Ten debut with sales of over 50,000 in its first week, which would make it their highest placing US album ever [ I'd like to take some credit for this as I ordered my 2 copies off Amazon ... still waiting!]. Would love to know other chart placings if people know, also does anyone know how many copies Angel Of Retribution eventually sold? Rock On.
TOPIC: Auckland New Zealand Date
[Scott Gavin] Monday, June 23, 2008 12:05:47 AM 
Thanks for the advice, I have emailed them, but obviously with the time difference, they're still asleep. Tickets now on sale, some of my mates have theirs, while I'm still stewing away. Ticketmaster didn't know anything about VIP packages. I might have to wait till wednesday when general tickets go on sale, and hopefully by then this website will have caught up with their own runaway tour! Failing that I'll just have to grab the best seats I can. Total frustration!
TOPIC: Auckland New Zealand Date
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, June 21, 2008 5:11:43 PM 
Getting a bit panicked now, presale starts tomorrow but this site isn't even listing the date yet. Don't know wether to buy gold reserve tickets or wait to see if VIP packages are available. I note that all the Australian VIP tickets sold out in 7 days! Either way is good, but I wish this site would update its info quicker as I might be left with two gold tickets I don't need if I can get the VIP ones!
TOPIC: Auckland New Zealand Date
[Scott Gavin] Friday, June 20, 2008 2:40:25 AM 
Thanks, I still can't believe it, they've never been here before. I figure its hard for the guys in Europe and North America to understand, but we just don't get that many acts here. I've been waiting since I was 16 for this, its just a shame my boys are a little too young to go [ and it would be too loud/too late] cos they love Rob [ he's a robot apparently - see Metal Gods live!]. Montana is beautiful, I travelled through there on Amtrak when I was in my twenties, not dissimilar to the South Island of New Zealand where most of Lord Of The Rings was filmed.Thanks again.
TOPIC: Auckland New Zealand Date
[Scott Gavin] Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:47:45 PM 
Its true! Tickets go on sale through ticketmaster on Monday at 12:00, unbelievable! With Cavalera Conspiracy too! Now fingers crossed for VIP tickets at this gig, the first time Priest or any other band members projects have been to middle-earth. Can't wait.
TOPIC: Auckland New Zealand Date
[Scott Gavin] Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:20:44 PM 
Have heard through friends today who heard on local rock radio, that Priest have anounced their first ever New Zealand concert at Auckland Vector Arena on Sunday September 7. Let me tell you there wasn't a dry eye in the house when we heard [ of course I was the only one home at the time!]. Hoping like hell that this is true and that the VIP paskages will be available. If it is true, then all hail the mighty Priest for making my dream come true. Thankyou.
TOPIC: Japanese tour dates
[Scott Gavin] Thursday, June 19, 2008 12:43:24 AM 
Today's New Zealand Herald had a review of Nostrodamus [ 3 out of 5], but also included a veiled suggestion of a New Zealand gig in September, I would presume between the end of the US tour on Sept 1 and before Brisbane on Sept 10. I would guess they would play Auckland before Brisbane if it were to happen at all. Don't know what to do now, was just about to get my tickets for Brisbane, will save the family a fortune if we don't have to fly across the Tasman!
TOPIC: Setlist Central 2008 Nostradams Tour JP
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, June 14, 2008 4:42:25 PM 
I would expect them to play a full set In Australia, which I will get to enjoy as My wife and my mates and I will be winging-over to see it! Super bummed they're not coming to the "Land of the long white cloud", but this is our only shot. Flights to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne all cost the same from Auckland, so decisions, desicions. Just hope we don't buy our flights , tickets etc then the website pops up with, NZ date added! Keen to see any Download pics, setlists etc
TOPIC: Setlist Central 2008 Nostradams Tour JP
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, June 07, 2008 4:35:33 PM 
Whoops!. Problem with 'package' tours is that the bands get reduced stage time. Priest will only get an hour and a half tops till the US tour is over, even less at the European festivals in some cases. So by the time they do Australia, Japan , Korea and I guess South America they will up the song number to about 21 /22. I would expect to see; Living After Midnight, Touch Of Evil, Revolution and maybe Judas Rising [natch] or Beyond the Realms Of Death added then. I would assume that they then would take a break over Christmas, and then maybe, December or January you will see four or five dedicated Nostrodamus multi-media shows, and a tie-in DVD, filmed at a venue like the Royal Albert Hall. Then that will be it for another 2 or 3 years. Although there may be the lost acoustic album that they were working on during the Angel Of Retribution tour to look forward to.
TOPIC: Setlist Central 2008 Nostradams Tour JP
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, June 07, 2008 4:24:21 PM 
TOPIC: Judas Priest Nostradamus War music video
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, June 07, 2008 4:19:10 PM 
The animation is a bit ropey. I guess its cheaper now to have people in an office program up a music video than actually film one, although obviously a 'real' video of this nature would be impossible. Song isn't as catchy as Nostrodamus. People on this site keep saying that Visions is the first single, I never saw any press release saying that, or news item. I did read several reviews saying it was unlikely there would be a single release off the album. Very few bands in this genre release singles now. It may mean the song has been released to rock radio as a promotional single for airplay, but in that case why didn't they make a video for That song ? I notice with great sadness that they have missed New Zealand off their tour again. I will probably fly to Australia to see them [ which I can't really afford], needless to say thousands of metal-heads in this country are filling message boards with desperate pleas for them to come here. What a shame, so close and yet so far!
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