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TOPIC: Question about Halford & KK
[guidogodoy] Friday, July 03, 2015 5:19:20 PM 
Notice that I am polite with people who are polite to me and both the present and future members of this site? Face reality. You scared a shitload away, got yourself banned and only posted shit to a known troll here. Face it. People know more than you. I defer that You attacked HRMG who knows a SHITLOAD more than me! Say that I hate all of Priest. Riiiiiiight. You've never seen someone spend more $ and seen more concerts for a band I "hate."

Think before you type. We do. Your rage certainly shows through when you use sentences without verbs! You were duped by a troll. You said it yourself, you are only here because of Snot. Again, if you love Halford so much, you should be a member of the ExQ  I'll be the first to greet you. TRY to pull off the bs you did here over there and you'll really see abuse. See if you can get Snot to join. My bet? Never. He is a coward. Try it, though. I guarantee, you'll think a bit differently about the "kind" treatment you were given on this board once you start your shit over there.

I have pix to back up just about everything I ever claimed as do my friends. Your comments to HRMG today just disgust me. Again, you are WAY out of your league there. An apology is the least you could do to start ... and I don't mean me. 

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