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TOPIC: Question about Halford & KK
[666ozzypriest666] Friday, July 03, 2015 4:52:48 PM 
I havenīt only posted about my love, firstly I posted only about the Priest cause I was stunned of all the Priest pics I have seen and I wanted to post every single one cause I was never ever in the net before....and I have wanted to motivate fans that Rob perform his whole Opera on stage that his dream will come true and that I wanted to collect fans which support the reunion between Kenny and the Priest, it is nothing bad with it............and it is no secret to love like you say my "Snot"... if I could I would write it on every page in the net, to write about love is much better as to write about hate and insults like you do... what is wrong with that? Are you all jealous of us?? You write about your life experiences too, I donīt think that everyone wants to read your critical comments and your private stuff all the time, are you really soooo a frustrated man? Why do you let all out all your Anger on this page? I think the fans wanna read positve things not always negative things like you write... I was sitting nights and days to post for this site...I have lost all my pics anyway about the hacker on they are all gone on here too..... no sorrows I havenīt so much time anymore to sit at the Computer to post pics all the time, but it is no mistake to be stunned by the Priest? You are too! One important thing - why you have told all the members that Boogie is your boyfriend?Why you are telling lies, Insult us and making us bad all the time? Is there any reason for? I donīt think so.. and I watch out that I donīt do any mistakes in English anymore, thank you for correcting me.. I can be polite too, can you?
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