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TOPIC: Random Facts Thread
[J.D. DIAMOND] Thursday, April 23, 2015 4:26:56 PM 
 ha I knew the Halls over the Sentinel would cripple ya lol  Its not like Halls Of Valhalla is a 'Parental Guidance'(the WORST JP song EVER WRITTEN) ha so at least you can see why .....but actually Id push for equal than better than the Sentinel.  

The worst LP has to be the Turbo album lol
Ram It Down album wasnt much better....the song Ram It Down ...the guitars are ELITE and perhaps one of the best solos by K.K. and Glen but those lyrics spank of lameness.

Really the entire albums lyrics suck lol  I do like Come And Get It oddly enough....its NOT an elite JP song no but I like it...brings back GOOD memories of 1988 time frame for me plus the song itself....probly the best Commercial track by the band that never got noteriety.

Dude....Priest Live was lame lol wasnt it?  The recording itself too polished....and the WORST album cover of all time for JP.   You didnt like Painkiller's album cover?  I dont think its that bad....but could of been better.....Redeemer Of Souls actually in my opinion is thier BEST album cover ever!  

AOR doesnt make my top 5 either but ........fuckin A Judas Rising,Demonizer and Hellrider are 3 of Priest's top 20 songs of ALL TIME.  Love the album....probly rate it now....#7.......

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