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TOPIC: Random Facts Thread
[guidogodoy] Thursday, April 23, 2015 1:35:43 PM 
Exactly, compadre. Going back to where I left off last night as to what was my LEAST favorite album? Well, the "Twin Turbos" if we take out the compilations. Still, "Ram it Down?" (single)? Couldn't stand some of the lyrics but the guitar work is killer! "Locked In?" Loved it! Much better than "Turbo Lover" The VIDS, though. Can't really separate them from the songs due to the era. Back when MTV actually played videos. "Painkiller" (album)? I actually got it the DAY before it was released as I had a friend who worked in a record store and got me the recording, two posters and a number of promotional saws. Oddly enough, one of the only things I have never had framed. Just didn't like the artwork. Only thing worse, IMO? "Priest Live." Yes, I bought it and the video but just hated the artwork. Bunch of hands pointing at a (supposed stage). Pfffft! A.O.R., however, KILLER art even if it doesn't make my top five. "Demonizahhhhhh!" LOL! You know I love it! 

No sense trying to convince anyone that any fav song is better for this or that ("Halls" over "The Sentinel" though?) LOL! - I think we can agree on "Crossfire!" Killah!!!!

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