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TOPIC: Random Facts Thread
[J.D. DIAMOND] Thursday, April 23, 2015 6:59:35 AM 
 Well ,ha.... thats whats cool though isnt it?  A different favs for every fan as it should be. Halls in my opinion is the best track on R.O.S. lol  I would even say its a higher quality than the Sentinel lol 
To me its incredible. When I first picked up Painkiller (the day it came out as we all did lol)
I never liked "Hell Patrol" or "One Shot At Glory" (except for the solos) Im kinda biast when it comes to those tracks...

I love "Dragonaut"!   March of the Damned vs Metal Gods....Id go with Metal Gods but I like March Of The Damned though very much!  I like all 12 tracks I just dont care for Begining Of The End..

Somethin the 80's lps and onwards doesnt have is "Crossfire"!  Crap one of Priest's instant classics!

Id put Screaming over Defenders ...I dont like Take These Chains or Fever.....on Defenders I dont like Eat Me Alive or Night Comes Down....dont hate em but never cared for them....

Yeah Sad Wings will somehow always be #1.

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