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TOPIC: Random Facts Thread
[guidogodoy] Wednesday, April 22, 2015 10:41:27 PM The matchups are my problem. Of course, everyone has their own opinion but you put some of my favs against some of my least. Let's start with "Halls." Nope. One of my least fav R.O.S. songs. What I have argued that has stood against "Painkiller" (song?) = "Persecution!" One of the true gems off of Nostra. "Redeemer" over "Hell Patrol?" Nope. The build to the best scream of the song, "Hell Patrol" RIPPING OUT HEAAAAARTS!" + guitar work makes it outstanding to me. "Sword" vs. "All Guns?" Well, I might see that one. Questionable. More melodic, to be sure. Better lyrics, to be sure. Yes, I'd prolly lean to "Sword" on that one. "Down in Flames?" against "Leather Rebel?" Hands down. "Down in Flames!!!!" "Secrets of the Dead" vs "Touch of Evil?" Now THAT is close! At first listen, I'd give it to "Touch." Again, the build to the line "You're POSSESSING ME!!" is just a killer. Add that I'd likely put "March of the Dead" against "Metal Gods?" THAT I could see a closer argument. Heard too much of either (of course "Metal Gods" more) but they could toss both from the setlist IMO. "Battle Cry?" "One Shot" as well but, I'd agree and give it to "Battle Cry." That is just a killer tune. Got "One Shot" playing as I type. TOUGH!

Of course you skipped "Dragonaught" - one of my favs, you realize! LOL!!   Obviously, not one of yours. No matter, to each his own (except for Bwian, lol....loved your comment as I could see it coming).

At one point I think you asked if we would put Defenders against Vengeance. SO close in my mind. Throw nostalgia aside and I'd put Defenders in front of Vengeance and even B. Steel. Yeah, songs I love on all but Vengeance had what I would call "thowaway songs" now. Crowd pleasers, nothing more. "Defenders of the Faith" and "Heavy Duty" are the only two I could do without on "Defenders." Kinda like "Beginning of the End" for me on R.O.S.

THAT said, where to put "Sin After Sin"? LOL!!! All said, I still love this damn album as well. Can we settle on Halford's "Live Insurrection?" - Nah, I wouldn't even be happy with that call.

Now not to sound the fanboy like Bwian, Trixi and the lot, I have to think of my LEAST fav album. One of my first was actually the original "Best of..." No "Dreamer Deceiver" going into "Deceiver?" but still, BRILLIANT! "Sad Wings" will prolly always be #1...for today at least.

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