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TOPIC: Realize the Rock Opera Nostradamus
[Trixi] Tuesday, May 07, 2013 3:15:41 PM 
 I don´t give up, one day it will be happened, although the other albums will be produced, this work shouldn´t be forgotten in every metal heart! I would like support the fantastic idea. Glenn and Rob have spoken about their plans and about realizing. We must respect this work, because it is a phenomenal masterwork. The music and voice from him is so sophisticated like classic, the album stand out against other works. No other band is like Judas Priest, they are the one and only!

They are the grandmasters of Heavy Metal and it is perfection in every detail!

Have a look of all the latest interviews; you can hear the meaning about this of Rob and Glenn, they had this fabulous idea. Rob said maybe there`s a Nostradamus 2 and it will performed ,maybe in the Opera House of Vienna, it is a great idea, because my son performed there in many operas and at the Vienna  Opera Ball, it was great! Rob said never say, never!

Rob and Glenn have fun to experiment, they give Heavy Metal more possibilities and created more room  to work on different sounds and styles, for example The Rage, great lyrics!  Rob said in an interview: It sounds absurd, but it works, it´s great!

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