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TOPIC: Realize the Rock Opera Nostradamus
[Stained_White_Trash] Friday, March 15, 2013 5:16:02 PM 
 I never said Angel was a game changer,chief, so can't really ansewr that question for you. I did ask why you consider Saxon albums innovative. Actually you said they were "as innovative as any judas priest album"(that's huge), so please explain because I totally disagree with that. Never said other bands were expected to have a "wow" album every 2 years either. Not sure where you are reading all this unless I'm just forgetting something I wrote,that's very possible,(I am getting older and on the declin just like the old declining judas priest , as mentioned multiple times in here by mushroomhead fan) if so please correct me. I did give Ghost a listen and it sounds really old to me but I like that a lot. I like the vocals because they are clear and melodic. The nice rythum guitars remind me of old judas priest (gues I should say young) sad wings and stained class IMO which is excellent. The deal breaker for me though is the satanic theme throughout the albun and gimmick costumes on stage,(although the stage show has nothing to do with listening to the album) very annoying IMO though, so I have to give it a thumbs down due to the silly satanic song writing.

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