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TOPIC: Realize the Rock Opera Nostradamus
[J.D. DIAMOND] Saturday, March 23, 2013 4:32:11 AM 

 Thought for some reason you were hinting that every Priest album was some type of game changer,my bad on that one....And I forgot to add in there that I think these current Saxon LPs are just as good as anything Priest has done after 1990's Painkiller album,not as good as anything Priest has ever done....

You did mention that Saxon had  "No game changing albums" they don' what of it? So what?  

 Also,kodos to you for checkin out Ghost(B.C.) and its not your thing thats cool,but as for the so called silly satanic writting you claim,I chose to believe otherwise,I don't think there is anything funny about the band's song writting at all. And another thing that cracks me up is that you say they have "gimmick" costumes on stage...yes they are a "gimmick" what isn't?

They really don't look that different then Rob Halford on the Nostradamus tour wearing a cloak/robe with the Priest sign/staff....its "silly" that you don't see the similarities lol. Ghost is an elite new (not "nu") heavy metal band,thier songs are brilliant and remind me of early Mercyful Fate when I first started listening to MF in 1984(I don't like Mercyful Fate after 1984).  Ghost also covers I'm A Marrionette by awkwardly "Abba" and pulls it off with ease,as well as Here Comes The Sun,the best cover of the Beatles track I have ever heard thats for sure.


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