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TOPIC: Why People In Here Are Not Getting Along???
[guidogodoy] Thursday, January 31, 2013 8:02:38 PM 
Well, welcome Jerri!

Interesting question. "Why are people not getting along" isn't quite the same as "who is mad at who and why?" First question is a bit too big to answer. Why are people not getting along? Compared to other websites, it is because there are many more Mods who snuff arguments in the bud. Here, we have one who only intervenes when things go terribly south.

Who is mad at whom and why? Well, as we are more or less a self-mod group, the term "fucktard" comes into play. That is just the generic term devloped here (I credit Head Banger who will probably credit others...I still say it was his moment of inspiration) for someone who is just a "shitdisturber." Come to a site to incite the membership into arguments. Neither really come into play with the true membership. You'll find them. They'll find you. You'll find that nobody makes friends with fucktards/shitdisturbers. Why bother? "Mad" however? Why does anyone get mad over a website that is freely given to support what I think is the greatest band in the world. Personally, I laugh at such people.

Again, welcome and enjoy yourself. VERY good people here.

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