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TOPIC: Why all the web police?
[Budred] Sunday, November 18, 2012 4:25:44 AM 
Don't do it. They suck.
Hell, no one likes them and everyone that goes to see them walks out on them.

You want to hear a funny story. This is true, not sarcasm.
The first time I saw MRH was in 2002.
It was 5.0, 18 Visions, Lamb Of God, and MRH. After hours of listening to nothing but that "growl" MRH came on.
They started doing it too. I left after about 4 songs. I didn't see them again until 09' and they weren't anything like I thought they were.
I started getting and listening to their music and quickly realized they do so much more than just growl. I can't even label their musical
style because they go in so many directions. Now I love them and I'll be going to see them again Dec. 15th near Cleveland. Does this mean
anyone else will see the same in them. No! Am I trying to get you to like them? No! Do I care if you or anyone else starts to like them? No!
I'm just sharing a story on a social site. Is that normal? Not here!

And yes I know you are only on my side to piss with Guido.
If you do give them a listen start with Xlll or Savior Sorrow. I'm pretty sure you can download them. (LOL)

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