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TOPIC: Metallica- Sell Outs or Great Metal Band?
[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, March 14, 2012 4:23:32 PM 
Sorry Hell Bent,but I know more about metal music than most people on this forum. I've been HEAVILY into metal music since 1981. I understand fully about genres,and yes I didn't need wikipedia to learn of glam metal/rock,its been a genre in the 80's. Unfortunately you do not understand very much about metal music at all from your posts. 

I understand fully about metal guy,I'm 41 years old and have been into traditional metal for years. The things I hate are the things you think I don't understand.Well let me tell you that I understand fully,I just hate them.

That would be like me saying someone like Budred doesn't know anything about metal music just because I don't get into the majority of bands he does,he has seen countless live shows more than most I know,and knows also of some underground metal,he is just not into the majority of bands I am into but is well aware of the styles and genres you understand?

"If I hate something that is fully commercial or weak you and some people jump to the conclusion that I just  don't understand the style of music and if I did understand it I might like it".  That is false.

And I don't 'hate the JUdas Priest"(lol) just because I don't like every song doesn't mean I hate the band Hell Bent,thats ridiculous.


The  "wikipedia"  is for   "YOU"   Hell Bent to look up and learn that there is a genre of  "glam rock/metal".  The fact that you are unaware of this shows me that you actually are lacking knowledge of metal music in general.

And Advice:  Make sure you study all genres of metal,and the metal underground before engaging into a conversation with someone with my knowlege,sorry for sounding stuck up but I'm sticking up for my knowledge of metal music which is absolutely further advanced than yours,obviously.  Good day!


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