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TOPIC: Metallica- Sell Outs or Great Metal Band?
[HELL BENT FOR JUDAS] Tuesday, March 13, 2012 8:24:15 PM 
Sometimes i don't care J.D. DIAMOND serious.I don't wanna convince him or others.Musical taste is a subjective thing.
  I just point to some things(imo facts) The "TURBO" album contains 9 HEAVY METAL songs(Glam ,hair are not music style definitions) and
2 SPEED METAL  and 8 HEAVY METAL tracks are on the"RAM IT DOWN" album  I don't care the financial situation, because the life is too short
for needless analysis.I love every JUDAS PRIEST album and i consider by my heart and mind.

              The Metallica is another case to me.the "Master of Puppets" album is a talentless, boring thing ruled by unimaginitive songwriting.
  Hetfield is a awful, weak singer or speaker.Metallica is an overrepresented, extremely well managed band, on other hand better than the
incredible talentless disgusting Nirvana(Kurt Cobain's band).  i think Metallica never was a real underground band.Imo the Metallica and Nirvana  
successes based on similar roots(See their big punk influences,Mtv success,and the situation of Metallica in trash and function of  Nirvana in grunge/alternative
dung movements.

                    Uunfortunately Metallica and Nirvana are far popular in a some circles than the JUDAS PRIEST.Because the JUDAS PRIEST is not sellout band.

     But the bigger problem is the following:You(J.D. DIAMOND and Sik Vikki) put on same class the glorious JUDAS PRIEST and the weak,unlucky Metallica, this is a SHAME. 
               Metallica and PURE METAL?LOL!! Metallica with their big punk influence? Mega-LOL!!!
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