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[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, January 31, 2012 6:38:10 AM 
Of course Priest has been on a decline since the reunion tour that was 8 years ago,Rob was 52 and now is 60,Glenn was 56 and now is 64. Even maiden's Dickinson isn't flawless although has been more consistant than Rob yes,Motorhead is on a decline...Lemmy is 66 years old now,its not just Priest.  Most people in here "see this" they are not retarded,no really need for Jimmy or you to even point that out in the first place.

You did mention you wish they would retire,and that means what is says so if they retire and hang everything up compleately that is your when the new album comes out your opinion really is invalid then right? It should be because you wish them to retire,if you like it or don't that won't be the point...alls you will be able to really say is you wish they would of retired instead of putting out the album,we shouldn't see you posting opinions on song titles,song structures ect....

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