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[Budred] Tuesday, January 31, 2012 3:49:45 AM 
Seriously Guido, you are not getting what I said.
This whole argument has been about you guys liking the last tour and me not.
Not a single person here has to agree with me on this. Not you, not anyone. I haven't
attacked a single person for saying how much they liked this show, I just keep responding
to people ripping me for not liking it.  I'm most confused by your comments because your
bringing up things that have nothing to do with what this was all about.
I said I completely agree with Jimmy's (last) post. He wasn't referring to this tour in his last post,
he was talking about a steady rate of decline since the Re-union. I have trouble believing no one
sees this. He stated facts, not opinion. If you have to ridicule me or rip me then so be it. You think I'm
attacking or wanting people to agree with me and I don't. Say or think what you will, I don't care.
I would still like to try to get along on this site. Why do you think I'm not blowing up over this?
If it's a last word thing, have your's, I won't respond. Here's my last comment and I hope it's clear

I didn't think the last tour was as good as previous tours and I agree with Jimmy that Priest
has been on a steady decline since Re-union.
I'm glad most here liked their last tour and I don't take issue with a single person who did. I did
say "I Can't Believe No One Sees This" referring to the steady decline but I'm not ripping anyone
for it nor do I think they should change their mind to agree with me. My comments are how I feel,
not how anyone else should. I can't make this any clearer. My only mistake was the sarcasm towards
guitardude. I did that because I was letting anger take over. I'm doing this to stop that!

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