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[J.D. DIAMOND] Sunday, January 29, 2012 3:57:27 PM 
Budred wrote:  That is why I would like to see them retire also. About the "who has more people on thier side" comment,you do here obviously because the last remaining diehards are here.If you want an accurate assesment of thier performance you would have to go outside of this site to get it.Maybe a poll on facebook or youtube or something like that.I would bet that you would find many people who thought they were subpar.

If you would like to see the band retire,then when the new album comes out you shouldn't have to voice your opinion about it then right? After all you wish them to retire but somehow when it comes out,you'll be here with something to say about it wich will be your "contradiction".

And I'm finding more people outside this site that are saying Rob "DOES SOUND BETTER THAN HE HAS IN YEARS".  The King Diamond forum has a thread of painfull singers to listen to live these days and one member said Rob Halford and I was expecting the entire thread to agree with him but it was the opposite,the rest of them posted how much better he is on this tour.

I have not seen the show,but I sure am reading alot of positive things about Rob's voice.  That clip that HRMG has of  Beyond The Realms Of Death from the Cleveland show was almost perfect,I'm not sure what more you could possibly want or be expecting,thats what just doesn't make sense here,but your converting it into as if the rest of us think everybody here should have the same opinion looking like fanboys and thats not true here. I think you and Jimmy are off the mark on this one.

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