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[Budred] Sunday, January 29, 2012 5:36:42 AM 

I'm not sure I'm the only one who said the last tour wasn't all that great and I seriously
doubt that any of Jimmy's conclusions came from me. His very last post I agree with 100 percent
and it's amazing that people refuse to see this. I don't think a single person can prove him wrong.
They may tell him he's wrong and they may even believe themselves when they do but everything
he stated in his (last) post was correct. That is why I would like to see them retire also. About the "who
has more people on their side" comment, you do here obviously because the last remaining diehards
are here. If you want an accurate assesment of their performance you would have to go outside of
this site to get it. Maybe a poll on facebook or youtube or something like that. I would bet that you
would find many people who thought they were subpar. I haven't seen Priest as many times as you
or alot of others but I have seen every tour except Ram It Down since Point Of Entry and this was in
my top three of bad performances. Why is it that my opinion has to be wrong because it doesn't go along
with most here. Considering how long I've been a fan and how many times I've seen them I think
my opinion is as valid as anyone else's. I didn't come here to rip Priest but lately there's nothing to praise.

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