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[guidogodoy] Saturday, January 28, 2012 10:58:07 PM 
Well, if you want to go back to dredge up old posts, look at your own. You are  back peddling. Being completely objective, you haven't had a positive thing to say about Priest in quite a number of posts. More than I care to count, at least.

You originally ripped on Vail for being "too young to know..." I am older than you and many my age who actually follow the band begged to differ. You choose to stick with Bud and his one-man opinion of a show that HRMG countered both verbally AND with video. You haven't seen Epitaph and I call BULLSHIT! What I am getting at is that I am not a fanboy in any sense of the word. I am a fan of the band and the genre. I am positive that I have seen many more JP shows than you. Some were good, some were outstanding, some were "off." The shows I saw this time around (in comparison with others) were simply outstanding. You cite whom as your many who have seen the band "many times" who disagree? Money being the driving force or not, I have a number of people I consider quite objective to back me up. You have one as per my count. You attempt to dilute the point you originally made with your comments here. Priest has been a fucking monster this tour. I have never said that about any other concert other than Painkiller. SEE the show before you attempt to dismiss it. In my eyes, you lose all credibility when you do otherwise. 

About your radio show? More power to you. I am a metal fan. Defend the faith. Defend the genre. I did it for many years and would never say to do otherwise. Like many, I wouldn't want to see Priest go out on a sour note. However, this tour isn't it! Say what you will about my own view of the Hammond show but when we all know that you haven't even seen the current tour, your words to me lack all credibility.

That's because if Halford recorded himself taking a shit you'd say it sounded fantastic.
- You obviously don't know me very well.
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