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[jimmyjames] Saturday, January 28, 2012 10:04:31 PM 
I didn't say the show you were at was bad. Or that he didn't produce a great performance at that show. What I'm getting at is that overall, both live and album wise, the band is on the decline. Some of those who have seen the band many times agree. Age is part of it but I really think the band are together for the money more than anything else these days. If a new album comes out this year I could be proven wrong but I can't see them releasing anything groundbreaking or exceptional. Some fans love AOR, I think it's ok but far from their best. Nostra we all pretty much agree is rubbish. The track record since the reunion is patchy. KK is gone, crowds are waning. I just reckon it's time for this band to call it a day. I would hate to see them fizzle out.

My show isn't an internet radio show. It is broadcast over the air in our area. The show just goes on the station website so that anyone whose interested outside our area can check it out. Being that there's metal fans on this site I thought posting a link might be a good idea so some of them could listen if they wanted to. Do you think I should stop posting links and setlists from each show? Or maybe stop doing the show entirely?
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