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[guidogodoy] Tuesday, January 17, 2012 5:02:24 PM 
Now which is it, JJ? First you rip on Vail because she is apparently too young to have any sort of valid judgement when she says that she really liked a show or two. Then, when some of us "old folks" who have seen Priest MANY more times than you call bullshit on your comments for a concert you haven't even seen, you claim that we are also wrong. WTF?! Do I need to have an internet radio show once a week to say what I like and what I don't? Sorry, I was only the host of a real metal radio show back in the 90s. Too old to count in your book, I guess.

HRMG said it perfectly well. I have given up entire summer vacations to following Priest and, like any band, they have good nights and bad ones. Wish I had the interview at hand when Rob says that he tries to give it his all at every show but that, sometimes, his vocal chords didn't permit. KK said the same when he commented on some of his ad-libs. Sometimes they work and sometimes the whole band rolls their eyes at him. All we (or, I, at least) have said was that HAMMOND was a killer show! Sold-out crowd to interact with a magical and spot-on performance. While I was also in Detroit, I agree that Hammond was the one that should have been recorded. It was pure magic. I cannot and DO not claim the same for even the Montreal, Detroit, Nashville shows last time around.

Keep on promoting your radio show, buddy. Listing tracks and talking smack about what you haven't experienced seems to be your forté.

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