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[Budred] Wednesday, January 18, 2012 5:15:19 AM 
I didn't say "people" said Rob was struggling, I said from what I heard "I" thought Rob was struggling. I did
mention that some around me were laughing at him. I think part of the argument here is whether they were
perfect or not. Other than from Mushroomhead I've never heard a perfect performance. (That was a joke) but
seriously, when is anybody perfect. My whole gripe is that I've seen them perform so much better in the past
and that left me disappointed with the current show. I also mentioned that (for me) Richie changes their sound
and I don't like that. He's a great guitarist but Priest is different with him. Not everyone can share the same opinion
and mine only matters to me and if you guys really think Rob and or Priest was that great then so be it.
What I heard was subpar to me.

@ Headbanger
    I do think that Judas should call it a day. The only reason that I'm curious about the new CD is because I still
have a desire to hear them rock the f#ck out, but, deep down I'm not expecting that. They haven't since Rob's
return but I can still have hope. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that any future enjoyment I get out of
Priest will most likely come from memories of the past.

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