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[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Tuesday, January 17, 2012 9:02:38 PM 
Why listen to people that actually attended the Epitaph shows when you can listen to someone that has watched YouTube videos? Oh, I forgot, we see Priest through "rose colored glasses". No, I actually know when someone is in pitch and when they aren't unlike others. Rob was not perfect in Hammond either, but he was damn close! The entire audience was in awe of Rob that night and that is a FACT! I talked to many people on the way out and they all said the same thing.

People ran up to me in Cleveland, because I was wearing my Painkiller tour shirt, to tell me that this is the best they have heard Rob since the Painkiller tour. For every person that Budred says thought Rob was struggling, I talked to at least 10 that thought he was incredible. I filmed Beyond The Realms Of Death in Cleveland and Rob blew out the mic on my camera in several places. Anyone who has taped Priest at a show knows that the recorded version does not do them justice to actually hearing it live. But again, don't listen to the people that were AT the show, listen to the expert YouTube video reviewer telling us that Priest should pack it up.

Ever consider that people are not going to see Priest because they are listening to people that are bitching about them and saying they should quit even though they didn't go to a show?

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