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[jimmyjames] Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:42:21 AM 
I should be here as much as anyone else. I just don't view everything they do through rose tinted glasses like some here do. When I see my once favourite band in decline to such an extent that the guy who started the band wants out I'm going to speak up. I don't need to list again the the amount of rip offs this band has perpetrated and their lazy approach to producing new, quality material. If metal hadn't made a resurgence in the late 90s there's no way they would have "buried the hatchet to get out there and play for the fans". Since 04 it's been "look, we don't have to like each other but if we just keep getting out there and doing shows we can milk this".  The real reason they are "only going to do the odd festival gig" from now on is because there's 20 other bands there to drag the audience in. They can't do it on their own. If you were one of the biggest names in metal and  you're playing a city the size of Cleveland and 3000 turn up it's time to pack it in. 
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