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[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, January 17, 2012 3:32:53 AM 
I just don't see many members here viewing everything Priest does through a rose tinted glass Jimmy. And thats just it Jimmy....Judas Priest doesn't "care" if only 3,000 people showed up,they "knew" that there wasn't going to be 25,000 plus in any city. 

And  "they guy who started the band" is the damn reason "Nostradamus" was "created"....if it were not for K.K. freaking Downing Nostradamus wouldn't of NEVER been written and instead we would of got a normal british heavy metal album,make no mistake about it....K.K. didn't leave because this band is declining ect.....have you ever thought that it was him who fucked the band up in the first place?  Not many people do consider.....

I agree about the management milking shit and perhaps the band is at fault for this too I agree. This band isn't stupid,they want to tour and get cash I know that,if they didn't they would be a bunch of fuckin idiots right? But come on,do you think that the band members think they are going to strike it rich off a tour? NO.

They are playing to scrounge a few extra bucks yes but they are also enjoying themselves and are not only doing it for the cash,I'm sure if somebody did something they love doing for 40 years it would be hard to give up.  And Priest never said they could pack in crowds by themselves,they know they can't,its not like they are acting like they actually "can" right?

I honestly belive that Guido,Spapad and Hot Rockin MetalGodess would not be giving this much credit to Rob's voice had he given a half assed performance on that individual show. His voice varies girlfriend Victoria saw the reunion tour 2004 and said he struggled a little,but when she saw the Retribution tour he was spot on and shocked her,yet the DVD Rising In The East from that same tour wasn't as good.

Over all he can't be consistant live because of age ect....but who cares,anyone showing up for a metal concert and expects the 60 year old lead vocalist to be perfect are kidding themselves.

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