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[J.D. DIAMOND] Sunday, January 15, 2012 12:04:03 PM 
You think that there are 25,000 cult followers in Cleveland?  You think this band are as popular as Iron Maiden in 2012?  Obviously NO.   Priest are lucky to have even 3,000 in Cleveland. Jimmy does speak a lot of truths but he is not always right. 

If the band suck this bad he shouldn't even be here. I've even said when Rob sings Painkiller it sounds like an animal being tortured but I think its funny and am not bothered by it,it seems other people fucking HATE the band so bad over it and all because of a stupid live perfomance. Get over it people! 

Maybe Priest should set up a refund for fans that were disappointed as you were from your first post responding to the Cleveland show Budred,that way you could get back your hard earned money since you didn't think it was worth it and since its the last time you will ever see Priest live again regardless if they came again or not.

If my stomach wasn't all fucked up in October I would of went to the show and enjoyed every bit of it because of the "spirit" of Judas Priest as a "cult follower".  My rants are because they are not putting out enough studio albums,I don't want them to quit,I want them to keep going and I don't care if thier performance struggles,its not like they totally "suck" live,just a few flaws so what. 

I'm glad you enjoyed 70 % of these metal bands you saw live over the years your right its a matter of opinion,you think 70% of these metal bands are worthy,I do not. But that doesn't make me right and you wrong.

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