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[Budred] Monday, January 16, 2012 4:17:45 AM 
No, I was saying maybe that explains why there were (only) 3000 people at the show in Cleveland.
Let me stress that my bad review was more from not getting what I was used to from the Priest than from
a terrible performance. They weren't that bad they've just sounded so much better in the past. Just two
years ago on British Steel they sounded so powerful and so tight and they impressed me with the fact that they
could still get it done. This last tour didn't do that for me. Was it Rob? Richie?, I don't know. I did say that it
would probably be my last time regardless of future touring or not but I hope they hit Pittsburgh on a new leg
of this tour just to see if I feel the same way or not. I have changed my mind from time to time. I do stick by my
least favorite show comments and I still think they should retire but I'm also anxious to hear their new CD.
Maybe it will rock. I only mention the retirement thing because I would like to see them go out with a little dignity.
If they haven't already, I'm afraid they will soon become a joke of themselves.

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