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[The Metallian] Thursday, September 15, 2011 8:33:26 PM 
 They turned into a joke on May 25th 2011 when they went on that shit fuck show called American Arsewipe!
Since that,i have not listen to a Judas Priest album and i am even embarrassed to be a Priest fan!
I won't wear a Priest shirt cause i don't want someone say to me,i saw them on American idol,so i stick with me Gorgoroth and Black Sabbath shirts!

Why i even come in here anymore,i don't know.
There are a few people in here that make laugh and that is why i guess!

But anyways,now with all the greatest hits cd's on the go i guess they are trying to cash in on American Idol fans and maybe,just maybe,they are going to be on Glee with Parental Guidance.
If so,well,i would not be shocked now!

On that note,take of yourselves and of each other!

Peace and love!

The Metallian!

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